Don't touch my hair hoe

What do I use?

cleans, gives volume and body to my thin color treated hair. No itchy scalp!

Smells amazing, lightweight, could do with something more intense but it's good for diluting hair dye because it's not too heavy and can be left on the hair for a long time without weighing it down.

(disponível em loja na Organi no CC Bombarda)
Stimulates and keeps the scalp healthy, itch free and smelling fresh in between washes.

Absorbs excess oils and leaves hair with nice citrus smell. Adds texture and makes it easier to create hair styles.

(pode ser comprada na Ekstra em Sta. Catarina)
Vegetable semi-permanent dye. My scalp gets itchy when I use 100% dye, not so much when it's diluted in conditioner, which is how I get the pastel colors in my hair.


I wash my hair once a week or less. 
I always wash my hair with cold water. 
Almost always I let my hair air dry. 
When I curl my hair I use wet-to-dry technique with rollers.
I get it bleached professionally at salons, I do not advise trying to bleach your own hair at home
Mostly I leave it the hell alone and try not to over do it with anything. 

(in the past year)

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