Guess who's back

I admit I totally ignore this blog. Between hating this layout, my full schedule and being a lazy f*ck in general, it's no wonder that the last update here is almost one year old.
But I think it's good for me to have a place where I write things down, keep track of my life and my accomplishments, maybe help keep me motivated.

Let's start off by talking about what I did today.
Monday is my only day off work, and I'm usually beat on Mondays after a long weekend, which means I like to take it easy on the day off. Today was no exception as I slept all day, woke up and put on some comfy clothes, then it was off to find the two food spots I wanted to try out: "Real Hamburgueria" and "Don Hut". The first is a burger place where I had the vegetarian option and my boyfriend had the submarine burger, which is served in a place with a thick layer of sauce. He really liked it.

The vegetarian was good too but I still like the one from "Baixa Burger" more. This one fell appart a bit too much and the flavours weren't amazing. You can do so many things with vegetarian burgers, I'd like to see more interesting flavours our there.

"Don Hut" is a doughnut focused bakery, where I bought a couple of special doughnuts and my very first cronut. I really liked all of them, the dough was perfect. The cronut was really good too, the perfect mixture between the texture of a croissant and a doughnut. What I didn't enjoy was the fact that it was covered in sugar and I hate chewing on sugar (the regular kind, not the powder sugar, obviously).

The weekend was totally uneventful except for Thug Unicorn on Friday, I danced next to the DJ's all night and it was amazingly fun. It was the last Thug Unicorn at Plano B and I hope everyone is excited about the change to Maus Hábitos and I want to see more smiles and happy faces next time!

I'd also like to add that I'm all up for partying with you guys so feel free to come up to me when you see me around, as long as you're not trying to get in my pants or anything that I would obviously dislike, we're sure to have fun.
I'm sure the general public at Maus Hábitos will be more open and pleasant. There were a lot of misbehaving dudebros invading the party that were obviously ruining it for everyone there, and no matter how hard the girls tried to solve that problem, it always turned into an uninviting sausage fest by 5am.

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