Sic Boa Tarde - Lolitas, Hipsters e Speakpunk's

I was invited to be on a TV show about alternative styles, representing lolita.

I wore Milky Berry but with an "unexpected" less country lolita feel or the coord with all the matching accessories. The bow is from the Whimsical Vanilla Chan set in mint.

There's a short clip that someone filmed, but it's not my bit, it's the hipster guy because  kind of made a fool of himself on live television.

It was in Lisbon and I had to go and return the same day, I still went to work for two hours when I got back.

I had to ride in first class on the train back because the train was full. I managed to make a mess of the little tray table pretty fast. As you can see I got a proper glass for my free drink. The newspaper was also free, they gave me a selection of newspapers and magazines. Among other little things. It was cool. 

Well, that was pretty much it! If you have any questions feel free to ask! I'm having insomnia and feeling terribly uninspired, but I wanted to update!

Ooh, look at that sexy super heavy tv foundation, yum~


  1. http://sic.sapo.pt/Programas/boatarde/videos/2013/04/01/estilos-alternativos-eu-visto-me-assim

    Aqui está o vídeo! :)