Lazy blogger

Okay so I'm a totally horrible blogger. I'd hate me too. But here's an update with some pictures and whatnot!
I will proceed to give you some updates in list form, because lazy is the word of the day:

♥ I have a new (full-time) job as a sushi apprentice;
♥ I moved into a new and nicer apartment;
♥ My grandfather passed away;
♥ I dyed my hair green;
♥ I'm feeling overwhelmed by college with everything else that had happened this semester.

It's "Alpine Green" from La Ryche. It's quite good at staying on, but I believe that's due to how dark the colour is - I can afford to have it washed off a bit and not look totally horrible. 
I'm really surprised with how well my hair behaved after bleaching! I thought it would melt off or become totally dry at the ends, but as you can see, even the ends look acceptable! And I'm someone who's been dying their hair regularly for YEARS. It has gone through a lot. The darker part in my natural colour, it's "virgin" hair which has never been dyed - it looks almost the same as the dyed part. 

I'm considering getting bangs but my mother says it's a bad option for someone who doesn't wash their hair often because bangs show greasiness much faster than the rest of the hair. Though I guess I can just clip them away on the days when they're being more troublesome. Ideas?


  1. I'm so sorry about your grandfather.
    Your hair looks awesome! I'm thinking of a crazy colour too, pink or green.
    What's the sushi place? Need to go try it :)

  2. I have bangs and they do show grease very fast, but sometimes I just wash my bangs and leave the rest of my hair as they dry very quickly. And if your bangs aren't too short they're very easy to clip aside. The most annoying thing about bangs though is how quickly they grow out, I'm forever cutting them ><

    I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather :(

  3. its true about the bangs, i have bettie bangs and after a day they dont look just washed :/ id suggest dry shampoo to touch up the lower layer :) love the green!

  4. Thank you for the nice comments!
    Christina: It's called Baixa 22 :D
    Faye: Thanks for the ideas and tips! I was planning on long bangs, covering my eye-brows.
    Glass Princess: Thanks! Can you recommend any good dry shampoo's? I have a spray one now but it has alcohol in it D:

  5. I'm very sorry for the loss of your grandfather, my condolences!

    This green color looks incredible on you and I love it alot with the dark parts as well. You really can pull this off ♥
    And I'm totally digging the septum piercings!

  6. O meu cabelo não aguenta essa tinta ou descolorei em demasia.
    Vou ter mesmo de comprar o sonic green da Special effects ou o blue velvet para mudar mesmo.

    On another note, os meus pêsames.

  7. Thank you Damien :)

    Voltaste a pôr a tinta e não deu? Eu lavo a tinta com água fria e quando retoco deixo sempre pelo menos uma hora - já experimentaste essas coisas e mesmo assim não dá?

  8. What hair dye did you use? the green is the perfect green :)

  9. Hi! You're super nice with this color! I dream to dye my hair green alpine, but how to have exactly the same green as you? How did you bleached your hair? What hair color for that?
    Thank you in advance, you're amazing!