Classes seem to have started but I haven't gone to any yet. This is because the first week all College is usually a waste of time (except for the rare anal teacher who wants to start RIGHT AWAY OMG MUST NOT WASTE TIME LEARNLEARNLEARN) and I keep getting e-mails about this or the other class starting at a later date or changes in schedules. That and my bus pass isn't dealt with yet. I tried to get that done at the start of this month but having 600 people in front of you in line and seeing that the counter was going at less than 100 people per hour... I gave up. And since it's a monthly signature (no mater at what time of the month you get it done you always pay the full month) I decided to skip September.

That and the fact that my wisdom tooth has been torturing me are the only news I have for now, nothing even remotely exciting.
My birthday is coming up (27th of September) and I've been feeling pretty negative about it. I used to have great parties as a kid and now nobody cares any more, I'm still getting used to the idea of being a grown up. My plans this year are making a vegan red velvet cake (my favourite) and some berry sangria. I'll try to make a post about it if I remember to.

Oh! I almost forgot! I'm moving this month to an apartment in the same building; I'll have a balcony! And a little closet into which I'm hoping to move my lolita dresses so I can start wearing it more often.

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