Deepest red

I've been on the look out for the perfect very dark red lipstick and I think I'm satisfied with MAC's Hang Up. Even though it's a cremesheen formula, it can easily be made opaque with a lip pencil. I prefer this to just having to put up with drying lipstick formulas anyway.
I also got a new pocket mirror from Sephora since my old Metamorphose one broke ;^; SO SAD. But this one is classier. I think I'll buy the one with LED lights too, although it's smaller it might come in handy. Plus it's fancier.

Mac's Hang Up with Kiko's 309 lip pencil. I didn't apply the lip pencil to the centre of the lip so that's why the colour looks less intense there. 
Also, I've beenfaking freckles. I REGRET NOTHING.
Other recent cosmetic purchases include an eyebrow pencil and brow gel from Make Up Forever, a new lip brush that has a cap so I can carry it around, a lip balm with SPF.
If you're curious, I used a brown eye pencil to draw on the freckles. I just dotted them on randomly, some bigger/darker than the others and then I put powder over them to keep them in place. I still need to practice and adjust to discover what I like more.
I always had second thoughts about drawing on freckles because I thought I'd just look like a kid on Halloween with three big dots on each cheek. I changed my mind when I saw pixiwoo's video on how to give yourself fake freckles. I love the way these add interest to my face when I'm not wearing any relevant eye make-up. I like to do this on days where I feel like looking "natural" but still change something up on my face.
I didn't wear any foundation today either, only MUFE's primer with SPF 50 and concealer on my under-eye area and nose. I didn't go out with the lipstick today, I just tried it on because I got the lip pencil for it today. I ended up loving how it looked with minimal make-up and freckles.

Hurr hurr durr durr~


  1. Fake freckles or not, they look great on you, and that lipstick looks perfect on you ♥ I really like the color!

  2. Thank you! :D I want more dark colours now <3

  3. You look older, but it suits you. Pretty :)