Yellow yellow

Neon yellow is my current colour obsession, so I didn't hesitate to buy this nail polish as soon as I saw it:

I believe it was less than 2€. I also popped some glitter on to the nail of my ring finger, thus accidentally creating an über-trendy manicure. I'm all for trends when they meet my tastes, since it makes it ridiculously easy for me to feed my obsessions.

I recently discovered a brand that sells really cheap and decent eye-shadows with amazingly bright colours. It's "Miyo", and here is a swatch of the colours I got on my hand, no eye-shadow base:

The yellow is called "sunrise" and the blue is "aqua". I already created a look using these two plus Sugarpill's Midori and a glitter liner:

(clearly I forgot to put on mascara before I took the pictures, I am retarded).

Here's a bonus picture of me at the beach, with my new favourite bag <3 a="a" bag="bag" better="better" do.="do." haul="haul" i="i" in="in" ll="ll" may="may" monthly="monthly" not="not" of="of" or="or" p="p" pictures="pictures" post="post" the="the">

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