Na na na na na na na...

Today I went to the cinema to watch the new Batman film, and I felt like doing batman themed make-up.

My first thought was to do something inspired by the joker but I didn't have any suitable green eye-shadow, and the joker isn't even in this movie SO WHATEVER, I just used MAC's fluidline to create a bat-wing effect with my eye-liner, paired with a cat-eye sort of thing.
I was a little worried about not having my yellow eye-shadow, but then I realized the new Batman doesn't even have yellow on his symbol any more so BAM, PROBLEM SOLVED.

As a background colour I used the metallic grey from the NAKED2 palette, it was the first time I touched that colour. I don't really go for grey eye-shadow, I'm just all: "I might as well just use BLACK and get it over with."

Regarding the movie, I really liked it, I fangirl hard whenever I see Christian Bale, and also epic cars. I'm not pleased with cat woman though, I don't feel that that actress really has a sexy or mysterious vibe. She looks more like she should be some sweet girl next door or brainy sidekick than a sexy enemy/friend/whatever/???/WHAT ARE YOU CAT WOMAN.

Here is a detail shot and how my eyes looked when they were open. I went to a couple of stores at the mall before heading to the movies and I got an unexpected compliment from the woman at Oysho ( * 3*) I was so happy about it because it was random and sweet and I thought my make-up was just making me look creepy. 

I have been cropping my massive cleavage out of these pictures, and I was going to do the same for this one, but then I decided my blog needs money-shots.

I really like big gothy cat-eye make-up things, I think I'll do variations of those more often, I've been getting boring with my make-up.

You may have noticed my plugs are smaller - it's true! - that's because I irritated my ears a little on purpose, allowed them to heal with no jewellery for about a week, and now I'm wearing 16mm plugs, I'll wait for the ears to adjust and then go back to 18mm. WHY? Because stuff like that builds up ear meat, and fat lobes are good because they look better and healthier.

I got something while I was at the mall that I'm really excited about, but I'm going to wait until my ebay purchases are here so I can make a single blog post with all the stuff I bought because those are cool and technically I bought all these things at the same time, it's just that the stuff from ebay has to take a million years to get here.

Querem que volte a escrever também em português?


  1. No need. Just update the blog more often! :)

  2. You make up was just gorgeous! *.*

    (and there's no need to write in portuguese)

  3. Love your makeup, thanks for the inspiration :-)