Milhões de Festa

Milhões is my favourite festival ever, and this year I got to help out a little. I worked at the bar backstage helping the person who's usually there.

I got to Barcelos on Tuesday to chill for a couple of days before the festival, it was awesome to bond with some of the people.

The festival started on Thursday night, I had a lot of fun and I mostly wandered around being an idiot with friends instead of paying attention to the concerts. The usual.
We had lunch and dinner at a cafeteria most of the time because we didn't have to pay, and I had galaxy nails:

This was taken on day two, I think. At lunch. Clearly the festival life had already started to take a toll on me as I'm starting to look like I was struck by a heard of wilder-beasts. 

Stickers on my boots. Say what you want about these but I love my Neck Rock Neptuno's unconditionally, they are my shoe-babies.

My festival "uniform" was mostly short-shorts and loose shirts. And a small backpack because it's practical.

The afternoons were spent sleeping with a visit to the poll (this festival has a pool, you guys) in the late afternoon when the heat and the sun weren't so violent; and the nights were spent mostly backstage, helping out at the bar and running around being an idiot, occasionally sneaking out to look at the "outside people" and the occasional concert. 

Monday morning it was all over and we went back to the hotel at about 8am to have breakfast, entering the breakfast room me and my boyfriend, covered in dirt, sporting huge sunglasses and being as far from sober as possible, managed to gather up some food items and ran away to our bedroom for glorious munching. 

We were lucky enough to get a ride back home, so, at 10am we were in a car headed home. The quick change of scenery made it even harder to adjust to "normal life" when I returned home, it took me at least a week to get back to my normal pace. 

A very zombified Ana enjoys a ride home.

Other than that? I just made the most amazing pumpkin soup (in the Summer? Yes.) I've been asked to do recipe posts, but I hate recipes. I just throw things into a pot in a way that makes sense to me. For this I used 600g of pumpkin, the white part of something we call "alho françês" and I don't know the english name (PLEASE TELL ME), an onion, a bunch of fresh ginger, olive oil, soy butter, salt, pepper, "piri-piri", salt and curry powder. The main thing is using curry and ginger, it gives the soup the most awesome kick. 
Also, I had a little extra money, more or less, and I decided to be reckless and spend it on ebay. I was needing a bit of irresponsible spending! I can't wait to make a post about it when my new toys arrive.