Vegetarian cooking: Stuffed portobello mushrooms.

Ingredients (for the mushrooms):

Portobello mushrooms (as many as you want to eat + one for the filling);
Red & green peppers (more colours are encouraged);
Soy sausages;
Fresh ginger;
♥ Whichever spices you like. I used garlic, black pepper, gingercumin & garlic.

The olives are for snacking while I cook, I also had a drink which isn't in the picture (do you see my new knife? I LOVE HOW BIG IT IS, I WANT TO CHOP THINGS FOREVER).

First get the black stuff out (it has a lot of water and will make the mushrooms soggy) & the steam. I like to use a small spoon. You may destroy the mushroom on your first attempt, but you'll get better at it with time.

Put some olive-oil, garlic powder, pepper and cumin on a pan, set the mushrooms in and sprinkle some more garlic powder and cumin on them. I didn't use any salt on the mushrooms, the spices are good enough for me.

Now for the filling: just chop everything up and throw it in a pan with some olive oil and add spices. Salt should be the last spice you add because that way you'll use less and be healthier. I used garlic, cumin and pepper first, then when it was almost cooked I added the garlic (which I crushed using a garlic crusher) and some fresh ginger. I also added some soy-cream for saucy deliciousness and some oats for fibre.

When the fillings were cooked enough for my taste (about 15min on medium-high heat), I placed them on/in the mushrooms which I previously cooked in the oven for 10min at 150º.

They went in the oven for 5 more minutes just to melt the parmigiano I added (fresh).

I served the mushrooms with veganized mashed potatoes (just use soy milk and butter instead of regular) and arugula salad. 

To make this vegan skip the cheese, I used it because I had it laying around since my boyfriend isn't a vegetarian and already eats mostly vegetarian meals, I put a little cheese on things once in a while.
You can fill them with whatever vegetables you like, pineapple would have been a good idea too, maybe some cherry tomatoes, spinach, whatevs.

Yellow yellow

Neon yellow is my current colour obsession, so I didn't hesitate to buy this nail polish as soon as I saw it:

I believe it was less than 2€. I also popped some glitter on to the nail of my ring finger, thus accidentally creating an über-trendy manicure. I'm all for trends when they meet my tastes, since it makes it ridiculously easy for me to feed my obsessions.

I recently discovered a brand that sells really cheap and decent eye-shadows with amazingly bright colours. It's "Miyo", and here is a swatch of the colours I got on my hand, no eye-shadow base:

The yellow is called "sunrise" and the blue is "aqua". I already created a look using these two plus Sugarpill's Midori and a glitter liner:

(clearly I forgot to put on mascara before I took the pictures, I am retarded).

Here's a bonus picture of me at the beach, with my new favourite bag <3 a="a" bag="bag" better="better" do.="do." haul="haul" i="i" in="in" ll="ll" may="may" monthly="monthly" not="not" of="of" or="or" p="p" pictures="pictures" post="post" the="the">


Na na na na na na na...

Today I went to the cinema to watch the new Batman film, and I felt like doing batman themed make-up.

My first thought was to do something inspired by the joker but I didn't have any suitable green eye-shadow, and the joker isn't even in this movie SO WHATEVER, I just used MAC's fluidline to create a bat-wing effect with my eye-liner, paired with a cat-eye sort of thing.
I was a little worried about not having my yellow eye-shadow, but then I realized the new Batman doesn't even have yellow on his symbol any more so BAM, PROBLEM SOLVED.

As a background colour I used the metallic grey from the NAKED2 palette, it was the first time I touched that colour. I don't really go for grey eye-shadow, I'm just all: "I might as well just use BLACK and get it over with."

Regarding the movie, I really liked it, I fangirl hard whenever I see Christian Bale, and also epic cars. I'm not pleased with cat woman though, I don't feel that that actress really has a sexy or mysterious vibe. She looks more like she should be some sweet girl next door or brainy sidekick than a sexy enemy/friend/whatever/???/WHAT ARE YOU CAT WOMAN.

Here is a detail shot and how my eyes looked when they were open. I went to a couple of stores at the mall before heading to the movies and I got an unexpected compliment from the woman at Oysho ( * 3*) I was so happy about it because it was random and sweet and I thought my make-up was just making me look creepy. 

I have been cropping my massive cleavage out of these pictures, and I was going to do the same for this one, but then I decided my blog needs money-shots.

I really like big gothy cat-eye make-up things, I think I'll do variations of those more often, I've been getting boring with my make-up.

You may have noticed my plugs are smaller - it's true! - that's because I irritated my ears a little on purpose, allowed them to heal with no jewellery for about a week, and now I'm wearing 16mm plugs, I'll wait for the ears to adjust and then go back to 18mm. WHY? Because stuff like that builds up ear meat, and fat lobes are good because they look better and healthier.

I got something while I was at the mall that I'm really excited about, but I'm going to wait until my ebay purchases are here so I can make a single blog post with all the stuff I bought because those are cool and technically I bought all these things at the same time, it's just that the stuff from ebay has to take a million years to get here.

Querem que volte a escrever também em português?


Milhões de Festa

Milhões is my favourite festival ever, and this year I got to help out a little. I worked at the bar backstage helping the person who's usually there.

I got to Barcelos on Tuesday to chill for a couple of days before the festival, it was awesome to bond with some of the people.

The festival started on Thursday night, I had a lot of fun and I mostly wandered around being an idiot with friends instead of paying attention to the concerts. The usual.
We had lunch and dinner at a cafeteria most of the time because we didn't have to pay, and I had galaxy nails:

This was taken on day two, I think. At lunch. Clearly the festival life had already started to take a toll on me as I'm starting to look like I was struck by a heard of wilder-beasts. 

Stickers on my boots. Say what you want about these but I love my Neck Rock Neptuno's unconditionally, they are my shoe-babies.

My festival "uniform" was mostly short-shorts and loose shirts. And a small backpack because it's practical.

The afternoons were spent sleeping with a visit to the poll (this festival has a pool, you guys) in the late afternoon when the heat and the sun weren't so violent; and the nights were spent mostly backstage, helping out at the bar and running around being an idiot, occasionally sneaking out to look at the "outside people" and the occasional concert. 

Monday morning it was all over and we went back to the hotel at about 8am to have breakfast, entering the breakfast room me and my boyfriend, covered in dirt, sporting huge sunglasses and being as far from sober as possible, managed to gather up some food items and ran away to our bedroom for glorious munching. 

We were lucky enough to get a ride back home, so, at 10am we were in a car headed home. The quick change of scenery made it even harder to adjust to "normal life" when I returned home, it took me at least a week to get back to my normal pace. 

A very zombified Ana enjoys a ride home.

Other than that? I just made the most amazing pumpkin soup (in the Summer? Yes.) I've been asked to do recipe posts, but I hate recipes. I just throw things into a pot in a way that makes sense to me. For this I used 600g of pumpkin, the white part of something we call "alho françês" and I don't know the english name (PLEASE TELL ME), an onion, a bunch of fresh ginger, olive oil, soy butter, salt, pepper, "piri-piri", salt and curry powder. The main thing is using curry and ginger, it gives the soup the most awesome kick. 
Also, I had a little extra money, more or less, and I decided to be reckless and spend it on ebay. I was needing a bit of irresponsible spending! I can't wait to make a post about it when my new toys arrive.