Low Cost Skin Care

I recently started using pinetar soap to wash my face with every morning and every night, with very positive results!
The weekend is very hard on my skin, I work a lot and go out in smoke-filled environments, my make-up stays on my face for an absurd amount of time and I often indulge in other party-girl behaviours that take a toll on the skin.
My skin has never felt this soft on a Monday without having to use any exfoliants or masks.
Something I really like is that it doesn't dry out my skin, I almost forgot to moisturise after washing my face because it didn't feel dry like it often did after using my tea-tree based face wash I used before.
It's very cheap, especially compared to all the other specific face washes that I like to consider (natural ingredients, organic, not tested on animals, etc) and it will last a long time.

You can purchase it here.

For moisturising and removing my make-up, I like to use good quality organic olive-oil. I'm currently using Azeite Moura. For moisturising one or two small drops are more than enough for my whole face, for removing my make-up I put a bit on my hand and gently rub it on the eye area, this breaks everything down (even the more stubborn waterproof products).
I don't used olive-oil on my skin before make-up because it's obviously too oily, I use a shea butter cream from L'Occitane, which is not low cost at all. But with the money you save on face-wash, make-up remover and night cream, you can afford to splurge on a good face-cream. Right?

Depois de tanto tempo a experimentar os mais variados produtos, e acabar sempre por ter de os mudar porque a minha pele acabava sempre por ter reacções ao que usava, decidi simplificar ao máximo a minha rotina da pele. Só uso três produtos: sabonete de alcatrão Ach Brito, azeite Moura virgem extra orgânico e um creme hipoalergénico da L'Occitane. 
No conjunto os três produtos ficam em cerca de 35€, sendo o creme o elemento mais caro. Tendo em conta que isto já envolve hidratante para a noite e dia (uma ou duas gotas de azeite para a noite, o creme para o dia), desmaquilhante (azeite e água) e sabonete para lavar a cara, acaba por ficar mais barato e compensa mais do que comprar vários produtos baratos. O azeite dura imenso tempo, também o uso no corpo (pernas depois de depilação porque faço alergia a TODOS OS CREMES, cotovelos) e o sabonete também. O creme também é relativamente grande e dura uns bons meses sem problema. 

Any tips for sensitive and reactive skin? Would you like to know how I make beauty masks at home for my skin type?



  1. I'm always surprised when people are super sensitive to creams, because I do not have that problem. What kind of skin do you have?
    I used to have really bad acne, but the pill, a lot of aloe vera (the actual cactus and not some cream) and a terrible thing called Zinerit put everyting in its place.
    My skin is still oily in the nose and chin... do you think the olive oil would be too much to remove a little blush and light eyeshadow?
    Also, do you think the olive oil is a good option to slow skin aging?

  2. My skin is very sensitive, and I have a tendency to have break-outs and other small pimple-like conditions when I use things that are too chemical or drying. My skin is normal and a bit on the oily side. I have kept it out out of the sun for many years and I'm on the pill, which could be connected to my skin's sensitivity. But I always had something like very mild hives.
    I think olive oil is a great option, I use it even when I wear little make-up too. You can mix it with other things to dilute it, like a little bottled water (but you'll need to shake those two together every time you use it).
    Olive oil is great to prevent aging because it's very moisturising and it has a lot of vitamins :D just make sure to use good quality extra virgin olive oil. That together with protecting your skin from the sun and drinking plenty of water!