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I'm working on a post about a new Crazy Facrtory order I received, I got two pairs of really awesome plugs. I'm very excited about that.

Also, we have some new furniture in the house which is making it a little more pleasant. I'm not sure if people care to see the process of furnishing this place or if it's better to just show it when it's fully furnished?

Last night I went out to dinner with my boyfriend and his father, towards the end of the dinner my heart started racing for no reason, I was cold, my palms were sweaty and my arms and legs started turning numb. I have no idea what caused this, I think I'm under too much stress.
After dinner we went for drinks and mine, despite being something I usually enjoy (sangria) wasn't going down very well and the more I tried to drink the worse I felt. At this point the physical symptoms were less easy to describe, the numbness extended to my brain and I felt like I was losing the ability to function, I also lost track of time.
I was afraid because I recently had an inexplicable reaction to four glasses of wine; I had symptoms of alcohol poisoning, I found myself sitting on a couch struggling to stay conscious.  This doesn't make sense because I had the four glasses over a period of several hours and I had a good dinner.
Today I woke up after sleeping for four hours feeling very hungry, I ate a small bowl of cereal and now my stomach hurts, I'm feeling sick and generally terrible.
I have a photo-shoot this afternoon and another on Sunday. I'm regretting having agreed to anything at this time when I am already worrying about exams (I didn't attend many classes this semester because my schedule got screwed up and I lost my job, thus being forced to spend a lot of time and effort finding a new one). I don't want to cancel today's shoot but I'm afraid I'll be physically unable to go through with it.

Not being able to rest properly isn't helping, I am desperate for a proper mattress. I'm considering buying one with a credit card even though I don't like the idea of being in debt after just having paid off the last one.
I often get up with pain in my neck, shoulders and back.

I'll go try to sleep a little more and see if I feel better.

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