Personal life

A couple of people have asked me to talk more about my personal life, which I seldom do mostly because it's not that interesting.
Anyway, the main issue at the moment is the fact that I finally found work. I've been unemployed since March and things were starting to get really complicated money-wise, and I kept getting turned down at job interviews where I always has several other people applying for the same position as me, so it's no surprise.
I finally got a break when, the other day I introduced myself to someone who owns three bars around here and will need some people for the Summer. This weekend I went there and worked Friday and Saturday (so it's a weekend part-time thing). I really like the bar I was assigned to because they sell the most amazing sangria (which is made with real fruit juices and good quality ingredients, instead of being crappy whine with 7UP like most places), the music is pleasant and not too loud, and they serve sushi.
I was really tired at the end of the second day, my back and feet were hurting from standing and running around  for 8 hours and my shoulder which is always problematic was hurting too.

Speaking of my shoulder, I'm hopping to be able to afford a proper mattress soon, now that I'm working. I'm sleeping on an inflatable mattress which is really taking a toll on my bad shoulder.

Back to the work subject, it's the first time I worked at a bar so they keep giving me tips, one of the things I was told to do was "talk more with your colleagues" - which is just not in my nature, especially while working. But it's really funny because now I'm being the most awkward person ever, trying to talk to them goes something like "So... Washing some dishes over there aren't you? Imma dry me some dishes and put them away, yeah, random things." - it's kind of funny/sad.

Today I'll be going to IKEA to get some shelves, so I'll get up and get decent now since that will be happening in half an hour.

How was your weekend?


  1. Before I got the job I have now (at a chocolate store/tea thingy) I had only worked behind a desk. It took me some time to learn how to be in a team and how to talk to my coleague, asking her what she needed and learnig to find things to do for myself. It *is* awkward at first but if you stay long enough you'll learn how to become the person the bar needs you to be. And that will compromise in no way the person you actually are :)

  2. Thank you! That's very reassuring :) I always worked at places where I was expected to focus totally on work and not talk to my colleagues ever, so it's a difficult transition because that's what comes more naturally to me as well, as opposed to making small talk and stuff.