Personal life & cravings.

It's suddenly hot again (DA FUK, WEATHER?) and I went to my parent's house today to dig through some Summer clothing and stuff to exercise with. I want to start running every other day. I need a running buddy and I need to chose a good time for running.

I have a lolita photoshoot this Sunday (yay!) and I'm using something I hadn't worn yet, which is exciting. I hope work on Friday and Saturday doesn't wear me out too much.
I was asked to work again this weekend, which is a good sign! I hope to continue working there during the Summer, it's quite pleasant.

I really want neon pumps and flat sandals.

I like these two from Aldo, I have the ones on the left in leopard print and they are VERY comfortable. I wore this all night during New Year's Eve, I was stading, walking on irregular floors and dancing for hours and I didn't want to kill myself  because the pressure is very well distributed and they have a nice soft support for the areas where you support most of the weight. As for the sandals, I like the bling and the fact they they have support between the fingers, I don't like sandals without those because sometimes while walking they move out of place uncomfortable when they are this flat and shapeless on the sole.

This clutch (also from Aldo - they seem to have the best selection of neon shoes and accessories) is also something I certainly wouldn't mind owning.
Yellow/green neons are my favourites, as well as corals.
Zara has some amazing shoe picks as well, but so far all the shoes I try there are uncomfortable because there is no padding on the inside and it feels like my bones are directly on the floor. Plus a lot of the are really tight around the toe area, and I don't have wide feet at all that would justify that. It's really a shame because I already had so pass on several pairs I really wanted, like the rose-gold strappy sandals I tried on today and that felt like tourniquets around my toes. It was totally unbearable, and the neon sandals I saw on their website that I also liked, turned out to be really washed out in person. So I guess with Zara I'll stick to the clothes and maybe flat sandals (as I recall, I saw some I liked).

Any tips on other stores where I can find more neon goodies are very welcome!

Get Trash has some pretty juicy items I'm considering purchasing, and that inspired me to alter some of my own clothing (which will never happen because I am the queen of procrastination).

This bondage-style belt from ASOS really caught my eye too (I have the most random taste ever, if you couldn't tell by now). I do wear lighter shades in the Summer and am a sucker for beige and cream anything. Let's go with that option so I can sound a little more reasonable.
They have it in more colours, but this was the one I liked best. Or perhaps this was merely the model picture I liked best, I'm a visual person like that and easily seduced by a good example picture. I will also buy any piece of over-priced candy if it has Hello Kitty stamped on the package.
I'm very susceptible to gimmicks, I know five year olds with better judgement than me, seriously.

Topshop has some cute accessories:

I trying to wear more accessories, I usually don't because I never really had that habbit.

Aaaand I'll go ahead and stop now, I want too many things! Haha


  1. It is very interesting seeing you... well, interested in this more fashionista look, lighter in the colours, still dramatic but more approachable. I've been following you for some years now and I must admit this is the first time I see you excited about clothes that are not costumy at all. Your lolita wardrobe was also a pleaseant surprised, opposed to the cyber/industrial thingy you did some time ago. Nevertheless, I must congratulate you because in all this time your looks were pretty much flawless. At least the ones you showed us. I bet you have some "I was going for the natural bad looking look" pics somewhere ahah

  2. Thanks! I don't know if I've been getting more interested in main-stream fashion because I'm growing up, or if main stream fashion is drifting towards my tastes! Haha

  3. I think main-stream fashion nowadays is easier to digest for someone with dramatic taste, as opposed to what was going on ten years ago. I do not buy things anymore because I wear a uniform at work, so my clothes just sit in my closet. But if you have the opportunity to wear your stuff frequently and, also, if you have a nice body type, you can get the coolest things online and enjoy your new found taste! I'm usually a M/36 on top, with small waist but "large" hips (38 --') so I've given up on one-pieces... You're lucky, tough! I'm sorry about the blabbering.

  4. My mother wears a uniform too but she still makes a point of getting dressed every day and changing at work so she doesn't lose the lust for dressing up :)

  5. My workplace is like three walking minutes away from my house... :/ do you undertsand my drama? =p I'll be going to Porto tomorrow, maybe I'll try a little harder, instead of putting some black metal shirt on and black jeans.

  6. It's cool to dress up every once in a while :D working at a bar means I can wear almost anything and fun clothes are more fitted than something too plain imo.