Sigma review

I needed to replace or have doubles of a lot of basic brushes (when I had rats they chewed on the wood parts of some brushes and I wanted to throw those out, for example). I also wanted to have more than one of the same brush because I can use the same for more than one thing in one go and I like to have that possibility. Such as angle brushes and eye-brow brushes.
So I decided to invest in the Mr Bunny Black Essential Kit from Sigma. As I was going to order a bunch of new brushes and I was looking for a good method of drying them, I also bough the Dry N' Shape for this, and because it's probably going to be good for travelling too.

In general I love the kit, it's very good value since you're not only paying for good quality brushes, but you're also getting a great box for storage/travel that is super simple and super practical. Of course they are not the absolute best brushes, but they didn't shed a single hair, there was no dye coming out of them when washing them and the fibres are very soft.
My favourites are the E55 Eye Shading Brush and the E30 Pencil Brush. The eye brushes in general seem better, the large powder brush is also perfect. I would buy this again, I'm very happy with this kit.

As for the Dry n' Shape, it does work and it made my brushes dry MUCH faster than they would without it (I kept one brush out of it to compare it). After 6 hours they were dry enough to be used but the fibres of bigger brushes (like the powder brush) were still wet in the centre. Which still doesn't compare to the other brush still being most all over 10 hours after washing. This was totally worth it, you can clip it together with the inside facing out and keep your brushes drying upside down, it keeps the bristles in place and you know they'll be safe even if the cats happen to go crazy and throw it on the ground (unlike my previous set up).

These products are vegan which is very important for me, I would feel like an evil witch if I knew animals were suffering for my cosmetics. Really, it's like being a modern version of the Countess Bathory.

I should say that I cheated, I had some free spaces for big brushes that I didn't need, and I just used those for several eye brushes. Improvising like a boss~

Purchase your brushes through this link for a free gift, us the code 0112XJML for 10% off.


  1. have to admit that what I loved the most was the case and how the brushes fit perfectly in it:o That would make my sessions so much easier....


    BTW: don't drop Loli but use different styles, remember you rawck them all like a boss;)

  2. Yes, I took that case out and it's super practical!

  3. I think I'm giving in to the urge of having that case.... do the eye brushes shed shadow? Or are they supa-dupa shadow only where I want it?

  4. It depends really, I had shadows that shed from these and others that don't. But I don't get a lot of shadows, just make sure to tap of the excess and you should be fine :)