B&W Meet Up

We had a theemed Meet-Up recently, the theme was Black and White but most of us ignored it, especailly me because of reasons.
My boyfriend was nice enough to come along and keep me company, we went to the usual café which provides you with pretty cakes that taste like foam and over-priced. I must admit I'm tired of this set-up, and I think I'm not the only ones because the meet-ups are getting shorter and shorter.
We were supposed to go watch a B&W movie at one of the girl's houses but that fell through. This really makes me want to stop going to these meet-ups because I spend more time getting ready and getting there and back than the time I spend there, and then it's not even as much fun as it should. For me.
I've also been feeling very bored with lolita in general, it's always the same and I don't like seeing myself in pictures as much as I used to. I know in the near future I won't have as much money to maintain lolita the way I'd like to, so I don't know what will happen. I seem to go through a stage every year where I'm not paying any attention to lolita at all and then I go back to it. I guess when I go a year without wearing it, it will be the time to start cutting down on the items I own. Maybe it's time to stop wearing sweet lolita and try something different? Maybe I'm maturing in lolita and growing tired of what I have in my closet and not the style itself.
As far as make-up I used the Face and Body foundation from Make-Up Forever (which is too oily for me) and the HD Powder, my blush is Sleek's "Flamingo" which is a very bright pink (but it does fade A LOT), the lipstick is a combo of Urban Decay's lipgloss in "Peroxide" (my favourite) and MAC's Saint Germain (love the colour, don't think the lipstick is worth the price tag).
The wig is by MintyMix.com, I think they have the best price/quality ratio, the wig isn't too shiny, it's super comfortable and there is so much variety in colour and styles.
My opinion on split wigs is that you're already going a bit far with the two colours, so I wouldn't purchase these in overly fake colours because it just takes it from being edgy to being costume-like (in my opinion).
I think it takes a lot of skill to wear a pink/blue/whatevs wig with lolita and make it look put together and not like you're wearing a Halloween costume, which is REALLY not what you want with lolita, and you don't need to add any more elements that make people think it's a costume more than they already do, I think. There is also a problem with a lot of lolitas who wear pink/whateverz wigs that buy low quality pierces and it really doesn't help. At all.
My nail polish is LCN's 310 which is a metalic silvery blue. I love it. I almost always wear LCN polishes because that's the brand my mother works with, I can't really review nail polishes because I have a layer of acrylic over my nails and no nail polish will crack on that, no matter how crappy it is. But LCN is very good.

Super-shiny flashy self. I wasn't a fan of the socks in the outfit or the huge bow with this wig, I should have made the wig poofier to make up for the huge bow.


  1. you look so lovely in SNT~ it's such a pretty print! i totally agree with your opinion on colourful wigs that look costume-like and just a little too tacky. i'm much more of a fan of more natural tones. xx

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  3. I agree on the split wigs. The only ones I really like are the ones with natural tons or at least with 50% natural tone and 50% color.

    I liked your outfit, for some reason it was very toned down except for the boots which you already know that i like except for the heels.
    I like the socks with the print but not sure if with the boots.

    I think the problem with the time is that everyone (myself, and especially you, included) always arrives late. That doesn't give any time for people to follow with their arranged plans. Also everyone in general assumes everyone else is having a good time (I know i do) just chatting and hanging out. If you have felt this way for a while why won't you just say so?
    Also the fact that we are always the same 3 or 4 attendants and that its always the same person making arrangements doesn't help either.
    Instead of blabing about it why don't you schedule one yourself? Maybe you do have talent for it and we will all realize how much better they can be if you do something else!
    I just don't think you are being fair to those who bust their asses unloved for the sake of keeping everyone going. Its normal to get into a rotine in this particular situation. Don't you agree?

    As for the "out of love" phase, that's normal. And it will only get worse from now on, its cyclical. I get them all the time.

  4. When, maybe, the only thing you have in common with the other girls is that you wear lolita, there is no doubt things will start getting boring and more people will back off of going to those meetings. Besides, imagine how bad some of the other girls feel next to you... you're thin, you know how to put make-up on and you have a very unusual taste that is still classy. They can not live up to that. As for the place, you wouldn't mind going there so often if you were having fun. And if you could eat at least half of the things they have there...

  5. Angii: Thanks! I'm happy to know I'm not the only one who has a problem with those wigs :D

    loong: Thank you so much for the advice, I'll check it out :D most of the lolita-directed wig stores are a bit too costume-ey in the west.

    Redtonic: You knot the problem is not you or Lucy, I get along with you guys and I did have a lot of fun when we went to the conference and it was more casual instead of a whole planned thing on that café.
    I'm always late because I haven't been feeling like going I guess, plus I already know everybody else will be late too haha
    I don't want to organize Meet-Up's because: 1)I don't have the personality for it, the last thing I want is for lolita to become a "job" for me or something that I do because I have to. 2) I don't want to invite people I don't know or don't like, I'd be going against my nature if I did something for the community to get together when I'm not even going to be social with everyone there and they'll make the whole thing less comfortable for me.
    I'm not bashing your work, I'm just saying it doesn't work for me, you can't please everyone and I understand that it's already enough work as it is to take care of everything.

    Anonymous: Yes, most of the other girls have mentalities that really clash with mine, and I don't feel like going there to be "face nice" to everyone like I have to be for college or work, lolita is a hobbie for me and I don't want it to be another thing that forces me to act a certain way.

    Thank you for your comments :D

  6. I'm in love with all your coords, are so wonderful! ♥

  7. I've seen that many people fall out of love with lolita. Maybe it's because of the print overload, they're cute but it's easy to grow tired of them, and it seems prints are being valued over details and structure, specially in sweet lolita.
    Or maybe you're just tired of the strict rules.

    Maybe meet ups should become more casual..?
    It may be a little scary for new lolitas to go, as they don't know the others, they may break some rules and criticism is sometimes too harsh among lolitas. If the meet ups were more regular, included more casual activities and girls didn't feel like they have to match a perfect outfit, maybe more people would go.

  8. Thank you for your comments!

    I decided I really just don't like the social part of lolita, and I'll try to find other situations to wear it :D