Winter Meet-up

We had a little winter Meet-up here before Christmas, it was a national meet-up so we had some girls (and boys!) who came over from other cities too.
I felt like wearing my Queen's Coach, I also chose this instead of my typical sweet style because a girl asked me if I'd be willing to model for her, and she said this was the dress she liked best. We set the date of the shoot to be the same as the date of the meet-up. It actually turned out that this girl never said anything to me around the time, and I didn't say anything myself because I wasn't enjoying her approach to begin with but decided to give her a shot anyway just to make sure I wasn't misinterpreting her, but I guess by not talking to me before the date to check up on our arrangement, she proved me right. The worst part is, that this girl is among my Facebook friends, so even if she forgot at the time, maybe by seeing the pictures on Facebook or something, she could have been reminded to talk to me and maybe say she was sorry for forgetting out appointment which was a request from her in the first place.
As much as I like having my picture taken, I don't like to run around after photographers and feeling like I'm pressuring them into anything they're not excited about. Especially if the photographer is the one who approaches me, I am obviously not going to be the one organizing everything because if you ask someone for a shoot, you should have an idea in mind. This was the first thing that set me off with this person, the fact that she came to me and when I asked what she had in mind, she said "Oh I don't know, whatever you think is best." - I tried to figure out what she wanted, I asked for a location - "I have no idea, what do you think?" - For the outfit I had to link my closet album on Facebook which she should have already bothered to look through if she wanted to do a lolita shoot... So here's a pro tip for anyone who wants to request a photoshoot (be it a model to the photographer or vice-versa): Don't ask if you have no clue about what you want.
Okaaay... So I totally went another way there. Back to the subject!
I was not happy at all with my make-up or hair for this occasion. I think my eyes don't look quite as they should, although I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong. Maybe I should have skipped the cut-crease look? I don't know, I just think I look too heavy and dark. Perhaps it's the lipstick paired with the dark eyes. I don't think it suits me at all.
You can see in this photo that I used some gold pigment to create a highlight on my lipstick, I got the idea from some runway photos from Dior in which the models had strange metallic highlights in odd areas of their faces. I didn't apply any blush, instead I just contoured my cheek bones for a more gothy look and slimmer face. In this case I think all I succeeded in doing was looking even less attractive. I am not a fan of this make-up at all as you can tell haha.

If you're wondering why my friend's face has a star over it, it's because of all the nasty people trashing her on the internet and so I am not giving them any material to keep doing it.

Overall it was great to wear lolita and hang out with my lolita friends, I didn't feel so comfortable around the new people I barely knew or some people I just don't connect with as much. Being as over-worked as I am right now makes me even less tolerant in these situations, I am really sad at this point because between work and college and health issues, I am becoming a really grumpy and moody person. I'll try to fix this by taking a make-up course and quitting this job so I can work free-lance as a make-up artist instead of this stressful demanding job where I get yelled at and threatened and generally disrespected on a regular basis for a ridiculous salary...

I do have a make-up post coming up, which I am really excited about! I am waiting to get paid so I can go ahead and buy a big brush set from Sigma, which I really recommend for their great price/quality. If you buy through this link I am providing you with bellow, you'll get a free gift with your purchase :3 yay!

Oh and I hope you all had a great Christmas! What gifts did you get and what was your favourite present? :D SHARE SHARE SHARE! I love Christmas!


  1. That whole photographer situation sounds really annoying. I think that if you're going to make someone think you're interested in photographing them, you should either follow it through and have a set plan or just tell them if you don't know what the hell you're doing ahahah XD

    Still, Queen's Coach really does suit you :)

    My Christmas things were a little boring. I got some perfume, and a gift card for a music shop and one or two other little things. The economic recession is showing :L My favourite present was a record player I got a few weeks beforehand. I love music on vinyl :3
    It was a really chilled out nice day, though, and I'm grateful for that. How was your Christmas? :D

  2. Yes I know D: it was so intrusive to ask for a small favour and then trying to make me do her part.

    Ahw! I'm sorry you didn't get a lot of gifts, but it's good that you got to relax :D
    Mine was good, I did get a lot of stuff like shoes and a Blackberry (I'm feeling so spoiled now haha) and I got to rest a little, but my family isn't very relaxing since they argue a lot and don't respect my views being different from theirs, but I guess I'm used to it and I manage to get over that and still enjoy myself :D

  3. I just hate it when they do that... why do they? I also have a girl on my facebook that was offended when she came to me and asked if i'd like to have a shoot and i said yes and asked more about it and she asked for money. it was a very low amount but i said no and that i thought it was a service exchange and she ranted on her wall saying people expect everything to be free nowadays. I just do not get these people. If I'm not contacting you then you are the interested part, not the other way around i think. Anyway it was just weird as fuck but oh well at least now i know it happens to everyone haha XD

    I love that op on you and I don't really like that wig on the other girl who i have seen wear it but i love it on you. I don't really understand because its supposed to be the same product and when you wear it its not tangled and not shiny and even though its clearly a wig it doesn't scream wig at you, its just perfect.

    I also loved the makeup. Sure it gives you a ghostly look as opposed to the glamorous ot cute effect you always go to but i'm into gothic lolita so of course i love that macabre feeling we get from it,especially the cheekbones and the lips!

    I had a blast at that meet up, you should have come to the disco after it was ridiculously fun haha also thanks for the consideration but i have posted photos in some places and i have tried everything for people to leave me alone other than disappear from the web and stop doing things i like doing and it occasionally still happens so there's nothing you can do. I really don't care anymore, they have pretty much insulted and lied about me in every way possible so i'm kind of imune. How sad haha
    Thank you for being considerate like that though. :P

    I should reallly invest in better makeup products, i shall take your advice and do so in the future. Thank you makeup advisor!


  4. Oh. My. God. It's the same girl! I can't believe she had THE NERVE. She must have some mental problems because this is seriously not normal. We should expose her because it was really annoying to see her act all high and mighty on her FB when she's just a really unprofessional person.

    I think it's because I brushed out the curls a bit and adjusted the fringe. I don't like the look of overly straight curls on wigs, they're already shiny and fake-looking, perfect curls don't help!

    Honestly, I say ignore the haters. When people take the time to bash you, it often means you're doing something right.

    I'll be happy to help with the make-up upgrades! At least that way I can put my knowledge to good use and help others xD

  5. Hmm sounds like that photographer really doesn't know what she wants and what she is doing.. Very unprofessional..
    But you do looked very lovely with that dress. I think it looks gorgeos on you ♥

  6. Sorry everything was so frustrating for you with the photographer. It's exactly like you said, "Don't ask if you have no clue what you want". To me, that's very unprofessional. If you're a photographer and you meet with a model, you are supposed to already have a vision of how you want your shots to be. Not just do it willy-nilly like you're just a kid running around with a camera.

    And as for your friend, I agree with Ana. Don't let these haters get to you. Because when someone says something mean to you and keep going on about it, 9/10 they're just jealous. Even if you don't think they have anything to be jealous of, there are always things that people want to be, have or whatever. I say don't let them make you hide. In fact, keep doing what you love and post more pictures. And if they keep throwing nasty comments, just block them. Remember, these people are just behind computer screens and can't do anything but type like they're high and mighty because they probably can't do that in real life. ;)

    And honestly, about your makeup and coord, I love it. If there is something that's not right, I definitely cannot tell xD

    Thanks for sharing =)

    ~ Kieli ~

  7. Yes Nesje! I really want to bash her on FB! As you can see by Joana's comment, I'm not the only "victim".

    Thank you so much for the nice comment Kieli! I agree :D hater gonna hate.

  8. No but seriously I don't mind anymore, i'm sort of imune. :|
    As for the photographer I feel kind of sorry for her now, she does post odd stuff on her fb but i thought it was just to sound "edgy and cool" but it never occurred to me that she might just be troubled. I've had enough drama in my life i think I'll just delete her the next time i clean my friends list and never remember her again.

  9. Yeah, I'll just confront her if she has the nerve to whine about how people abuse her work again. As much as she might be troubled, it's more likely that she's just a spoiled brat and an atention whore.

  10. I actually love the make up (and almost everything in this outfit) :)

    It doesn't look sweet, still, I really like it, all the gold kind makes you look like a queen. ^_^