Meet Casual

So this Saturday was the casual Meet Up here in Porto, but the "casual" thing was a suggestion and not mandatory, so I kind of ignored it except for wearing a simple cardigan (or that was my argument - haha!).
I wore my lavender Sugary Carnival OP and Head-bow set, and because my fantasy was that for a special edition AP would have launched SC in yellow, I tried coordinating it with yellow details. I think the special edition in that weird midnight blue or purple shade is so off! It's the same as having launched it in royal green or deep red. The colour is too grown up and has more of a gothic/classic vibe, which can work in some AP prints, like Starry Night Theater which is gorgeous in that deep blue, or Holy Night Story in Royal Green. Those work because they aren't absolutely pastel-coloured sweet prints. But hey, I'm pretty sure if there was a special edition in yellow I wouldn't be able to get it and I would have to jump out of the nearest window.
This time I was wearing a wig which was lighter than usual, and it's very important that you eye-brows match your hair, even if it isn't your actual hair! My eye-brows are naturally dark brown, I usually lighten them to a brown-ish shade to match my hair colour, and this time, since my wig was peach, I used a salmon cosmetic pencil to draw over my own eyebrows, and the colour came out about right, a but darker than the wig (since brows are supposed to be slightly darker than the hair) but in the right shade. I used eye-lashes in a crossed style which had glitter on the top side. I also added glitter to the inner corners of my eyes, over the white eye-shadow, and the usual jewels, glued on with eye-lash glue. I opted to vary their colour in this way this time for no particular reason, just because I could. For this dramatic big-eye effect, I don't cut the eye-lashes, I stick them even past my lid and going downwards, as I believe you can see in this image if you click it and look at the full-sized version.
As for the rest of my face, I generously applied pink blush to my cheeks, particularly the part that stands out when I smile (I do this by faking and exaggerated smile while doing my make-up, which I'm sure looks hilarious).
For lips, I apply foundation around the corners and contours, because in my particular case I find them too big. After, I applied a soft pink, almost see-through strawberry flavoured lip gloss! It's important to always apply some sort of lip balm before, as well as some sort of cream on your skin (depending on the type) before applying make-up in general. It's important to take good care of your skin or else everything you put on your face will look horrible in contrast with all sorts of pimples and dryness.
Still rocking my nails with acrylic reinforcement (there is an acrylic layer over my real nails to keep them from braking and which also makes nail polish stay impeccable for over two weeks - of course by then it has roots anyway).
I chose a lavender colour to match the dress' base and because I had dark nails before and I like to alternate. I didn't wear any rings because I'm generally not a fan of rings so I seldom buy any and none of the ones I owned would match this coordinate.
It's a good idea to always carry around some hand cream, I always have my cherry scented body butter from The Body Shop with me and I use it on my hands, wrists and elbows to keep the skin nice and soft. Dry skin feels terrible and looks ugly! You can tell I am quite concerned with taking care of my skin. But back to the subject of nails! I like mine long and feminine, I really feel like I have horrible man hands if my nails are short. Unlike most people think though, I have no trouble typing or anything with longer nails. Sometimes it's harder to deal with piercings though, changing the jewllery which is so tiny can be a bit of a chore, but that's about it!

Behold! The complete outfit. One Piece dress and Head-bow set are by Angelic Pretty, as well as the wrist cuffs. The Hello Kitty accessories are from Sanrio and everything else is off-brand.
I know and admit yellow is not the most obvious or even the best colour too coordinate with this print, I also admit I felt a bit overly colourful and a bit wacky. I think the beheaded Hello Kitty bag contributes to the weird feel I get from this outfit.
In the future I'd like to find some nicer socks for this, I'm kind of bored of stripped socks all the time. I'd also be happy with some marshmallow accessories~
Also, I think after wearing this for one or two other occasions, I might put it up for trade because I'd like to have this set in Blue, or maybe even black!

For dress size reference, I am 1.60m tall and weight 46kg. So I'm a size XS or so. It's the standart AP dress size, but with measurements the "poof" should always be taken in to consideration because the poofier you want your skirts, the shorter they get. So if you're already pushing it a little with your size VS the dress' length, take that in to consideration, unless you like shorter skirts in lolita.
I personally find that it's usually not only the skirt area that suffers, but the whole cut of the dress will be in the wrong places if you are too big or too small for them. It's important to find the designs that fit you or, if possible, alter your dresses (I'll probably make a post about altering brand in the future).

As for the meet-up in itself, it was just me and three other girls, which later turned to 2 others girls and we ended up going to El Corte Ingles at the end of the day because Redtonic's husband mentioned he was going there and we just hopped in.
There we walked around and went grocery shopping, I was very happy to find some items there like sweet chili sauce and vegan cheese! I totally forgot I was wearing lolita at the super marker until a little girl came up to us and started talking, but Lucy is clearly better with children than me, I can talk to them and be around them, they usually like me and all, but I am incapable of doing "kid's talk" or anything like that. And I used to babysit!
But we did get some productive stuff done, we planned stuff for Satuday the 4th, the international Summer Loliday. I already planned out the outfit for this day. Here's a hint: it involves tiny clip-on ears!
As Redtonic said, we need to be more like the southern lolitas and have cute tea parties and some more typical lolita things! We're always being silly and going wherever we think up in the middle of the meet-ups and doing something silly. We're too cool for tea parties~


Feira da Ladra Lolita

So today was the "Lolita Flea Market" at the local lolita store, Amethyste. It was held as a way to close the store in a fun way, since today was the last day it was going to be open.
I didn't quite know what to wear, My nails were still red so I went from there; I'm still waiting for the wig that will complete the look I want for Sugary Carnival, but I have a manicure appointment on Monday morning and I think I'll already get lavender/pink nails for it. Possibly pink since it's more versatile.
So, as usual I do my make-up before getting dressed, it's a pretty important step to avoid dropping make-up and ruining a dress - Make-up for sweet lolita is becoming my specialty. The point is obviously to create the illusion of big eyes but without making the look appear to dark or heavy. So I only apply eye-liner on the top lid, without reaching the crease, and I use brown eye shadow about 3mm away from the water line on the bottom to create the appearance of bigger eyes. I also use a little black eye-shadow on the corners at the bottom. It's all about shadows!
Circle lenses are also a must-have for this exaggerated look, I went for violet contacts this time because I have them and I felt like trying them out, since these are so unnatural, they are obviously only coming out for lolita or other rare OTT occasions.
The little jewels under the corner of my eyes are also a little detail I don't like to go without in sweet lolita, I buy them at craft stores or wherever they show up, and I glue them on my face with a little eye-lash glue NOT the glue they originally come with (in the case of the stuff bought at craft stores). I also apply fake eye-lashes, not that my natural lashes are terrible, but this perfectly long doll-like eye-lash style doesn't come naturally! I also applied them a big off the center, again to play around and create a rounder and bigger eye.

Strawberry Ribbon is one of those prints which can go either way: Sweet ou Country.
I already tried and didn't quite succeed with the country feel, so this time I went ahead and did what I'm good at: over accessorizing the heck out of this dress like a good old OTT lolita.
I adore Angelic Pretty's wrist cuffs , I wish I had them in every colour! But at the price they sell for, I'm happy to have at least one pair in the main shades I use. The big ribbon bangles and rings also have a special place in my accessory lust, I love how cute and enormous these are. Some pearl bracelets and glittery ones here and there to add some more bling!
Notice I'm using the accessories to bring out the secondary colour in the print: red! It's so much more fun dragging out less obvious shades from a dress instead of just being obvious.

Tada! The full outfit! I admit this is quite a half-assed picture, I will switch it with a better one once people start sending out the ones that were taken.


National Meet Up for the community's anniversary

So last week was the Nana Kitade concert in Lisbon, we took this opportunity to also celebrate the community's anniversary.
The even itself wasn't wonderfully organized, but it's hard to take care of something with this many people involved. It was quite a simple day: afternoon tea at a café, pictures, dinner and the concert, which I did not attend.
It's nice to be with the community, though I've decided it's too much social tension for me and I will probably stop attending these big meet-ups, perhaps I'll become a lone lolita.

I wore some sort of almost gothic, almost hime kuro lolita hybrid. It's quite fun to play with different styles and take a break from my usual and favourite OTT sweet style. It keeps me from slipping in to a pattern of coordinating things without having to put any thought into it.
My black simple dress and the white simple dress are my basic and essential closet items, both of them are from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and they can serve as a base for many different styles, since there is no print, just the basic colour. Both of them are a bit more on the sweet side though so it's not a totally versatile pair, but they sure are more so than the Sugary Carnival, for example.

Not wearing sweet also gives me the opportunity to go heavy on the make-up and create more dramatic looks, which I love.
Sadly, this time I had to do my make-up sitting on a hotel bed with bad light and a small hand mirror while everyone was running around in the room, so it could have been better.
I used dark eye shadows with copper tones, drew my eye brows higher and also more theatrical, I chose very stylized fake eye-lashes too.
I chose a bloo-red shade for my nails instead of the perhaps more obvious black, as I was aiming for a more elegant feminine look as opposed to the dark gothic style. Red is a bit more classic as a nail colour.
Those are permanent fake nails which were applied by my mother, in her salon, she has a wonderful technique and they look perfectly natural. I always found my nails were long and healthy enough on their own so I never got into the fake nail thing, but the fact it that these are stronger, the nail polish lasts longer and the tips are softer than natural nails, so I don't break through skin if I need to scratch (or if I accidentally scratch somebody else!). These are totally comfortable and, as I mentioned before, I'm used to my own nails being long so this didn't bother me at all.

Joana also got a manicure at my mother's salon for the meet up, her nails were a bit shorter because she used to bite hers so my mother thought it was best to take it slow with lengths. Which was a good call because she was having some trouble typing and getting used to having actual nails! haha
I wasn't wearing any bracelets because of my long sleeves, which I unbuttoned and pulled up since that café was infernally hot.

These are the derpy pictures of my full outfits, I ended up not having access to all the pictures
taken because they weren't sent to me or I wasn't given the url+password to the album in which they were uploaded. I don't really know what's going on in that community at the moment, but the official post for this meet up was very sloppy and only the pictures of the author were used, besides that the person who did make the post wasn't one of the organizers or a mod. Strange things and a general lack of organization which have made me give up on that forum.
Moving on, in the afternoon I wore the said hybrid outfit, it was actually quite simple compared to my usual styles. It was also not 100% perfect as I would have liked, but it's hard when you're getting ready away from home, at least for me. I always forget something (or a lot of somethings).
it was quite comfortable, with shoes which only had a small platform, a light wig and blouse. Only the socks were uncomfortable, but I always find lace socks uncomfortable so I knew what I was getting myself in to. I was wearing a birdcage necklace, but the blouse's jabot ended up covering it almost completely.
The Jumper Skirt is from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (Paris store) and the head-dress is by Alice and the Pirates (same store). Everything else is off-brand from here and there, the shoes which I adore are from Pimkie. Quite a find.
For the evening I made an attempt at punk lolita. It didn't really have the right feel and I believe it looked a little sloppy. I don't really like it anyway and I doubt I'll try again, but it was fun to plan the outfit, even though I always knew in the back of my mind it wasn't going to work out; sometimes I feel like that and in the end my deranged ideas come together. Not this time though. Can't win them all, right?
Despite my total failure, I'll try to combine this dress and these boots again in the future for a casual cute look, it should work out better. I do love this dress and those boots, the dress is so cute and casual without being too plain, and the boots are just pretty awesome. This Jumper Skirt is from Angelic Pretty, not the kind of piece you usually think of when Angelic Pretty is mentioned, but it's a good reminder that they make wonderfully cute designs, not just awesome yet overpriced prints. Sure it's not such a great investment as purchasing a print dress which will probably resell for the same value you bought it for or even higher, this will probably sell for less than it's original value, but it's not the kind of item I buy thinking of maybe selling it later, this is the kind of dress I like to keep in my closet because I just like it in it's non-printy glory. I believe lolita closets need a couple of these items, stuff that you like but that isn't so specific you'll get tired of it eventually.

Well, that was it for my very belated update. There will be another meet-up this Saturday, possibly the last I will attend for a long while. Lets see how that goes.

P.s. Do you like this new format?