Inhterview & Serralves Meet-up

It was a fun experience, but nothing special. I ended up being very embarrassed of my accent! But the host was very nice to us.

It was a long train ride, and my ethical vegetarianism means I end up carrying my own food around. At least I'm using my cute Hello Kity bento box!

The next weekend, there was a meet up in Porto at Serralves, the theme was "flowers". There were flowers on my lace!

Heels on irregular floors? No problem.

At the museum, I had walking-friend shoes on hand and it was time to put them to use!

This is me, all the time. I'm totally annoying.

Phone loli~

Some clichéd photographs were taken:

Aaand some outfit snaps:

Next up is the Nana Kitade concert & Anniversary Meet-up in Lisbon on the 30th. Yay!


  1. Olá!
    A menina já pensou em algum sítio para tirarmos fotos?


  2. Pensei no Palácio da Bolsa, mas será que podemos tirar fotos lá dentro?

  3. The bento box looks cute!
    Nice theme for the meet-up, we should have more themes here at meet-ups, that would be fun.

    It's fun to see that silly photo of you in the museum! And you look totally adorable in that outfit~♥

  4. Geez woman didn't you have another photo to post here? PHOTO OVERLOAD EVERYWHERE!

    I think just one or two would make people be more interested and your blog looking more organized.

    You look amazing in sweet, that's def my favorite on you.

  5. @Niesjie: Thanks! Yes, themes are great especially when you have no clue what to wear (which is never really the case for me though haha)
    Dank je wel! Ik mis jullie!

    @Redtonic: I ACTUALLY DID! I actually filtered the amount of pictures... Kind of. hahaha
    I figured I needed somewhere to dump all the pictures, and so my blog suffers. But I'll try to narrow it down to a couple of pictures from now on, you're right haha

    Thanks! Sweet in my favourite too *goes camp at the door waiting for Sugary Carnival*