I got my order from Sugarpill Cosmetics a while ago and I was so happy with everything! I ordered two pressed and two loose eye-shadows. I ordered this mainly because I wanted nice red eye-shadows and I wanted to own some of their products so I could compare them with what I already had, and find out if it was worth buying more! Also I caught the Black Friday sale in which they were having a 30% off promotion for all the products. I thought this was a good excuse to go ahead and finally buy something from Sugarpill.
As you can see, I got a hand-written thank-you note from Amy herself (founder of SP), which I really appreciated, especially taking into account how busy she must have been at the time with all the orders from the sale.
The colours I got were Darling, Midori, Asylum and Love+. I love them all though I'd say my unexpected favourite is Darling. Whenever I use it I can't resist spreading it too far up (and not caring). I also really love the reds and as for Midori, I feel like I need to wear it more to really form an opinion. I think I applied it too sheer when I wore it.
Darling is also the one that gets me more compliments, people did like Midori too, of course not as many people are happy to see me wear red eye-shadow, but I really love the way it looks and how it brings out the chestnut brown in my eyes that has some red tones in it. I got asked if I was trying to look like a zombie when I wore Asylum (though the person caught me before I applied eye-liner). Again, I like it and sometimes I do enjoy having a bit of a gothy look too (but don't tell anyone).

The reason I took so long to make this post is that I wanted to have pictures of every eye-shadow worn. I wore all of these with Urban Decay's eye-shadow primer in Sin, which is my favourite. It provides a little shimmery base and brightens up the colours. So this is not going to be 100% true colour I guess. I believe this doesn't do any good for Midori, since it's already such a light colour, it ended up being a little too sheer with Sin as a primer.
I figured you would benefit from seeing both a complete look and seeing the eye-shadow on its own as well.
The result was a very pleasant minty green, but I really wanted something brighter which is why I bought these eye-shadows in the first place.
For the rest of this look I used "Vanilla" and "Blackout" from the Urban Decay 15th anniversary palette. I love that palette so much - it was a great purchase!
(okay, back to SP!)

I don't think I had any fallout at all with this, but I think even if I did I wouldn't notice because the colour isn't too strong. This is only one layer that I applied with a flat brush. Since I wanted to try out the eye-shadows and get the full effect of the colours, in all four cases I didn't hesitate to bring them up all the way to my eye-brows and under my eye too.
The good think about working in telemarketing is that nobody bothers me for wearing overly bold make-up (okay but lets face it, if they were going to bother me about anything on my style, especially on my face, make-up is probably not the biggest issue as far as work-place dress-codes go).
Moving on to the second pressed shadow: Love+! I really wanted a strong red eye-shadow. Something I found out was flattering for my eye colour during my crazy goth and cybergoth days. Actually, that period of my life granted me a lot of crazy make-up skills, I'd love to do runway make-up so I could use that knowledge again. But I digress!
I really like this shade of red and how Sin makes it so shimmery when it's blended out. I like the mate to shimmery effect I got on this. I used another shadow from the anniversary palette but I don't remember whichone it was anymore.
I really think this brings out the reds in the brown of my eyes. Or am I just imagining things? I've learned to love my brown eyes over time, although most people in Portugal are fascinated with how beautiful blue or green eyes are (obviously because those are less common here), and I used to feel like that too, but now I wouldn't trade my brown eyes for any other shade. I like the way this mixes into my skin-tone too, and I didn't have too much fallout, although there was a little bit, and it took a little more effort than I'm used to to pick up the colour and get it to be as strong as I want it. But it's good to have the option to go lighter or brighter with eye-shadows, I guess. Urban Decay and Make-up Forever are still my favourite brands, but it's not fair to compare SP and MUFE/UD.

Asylum is absolutely amaaaah-zing! I love red and I love copper, and this is the perfect meeting point between those two, I think. Metallic colours are also really trendy at the moment so if you care about that sort of thing this is a good bet. Even if it's red I say you should give it a try, you don't have to use it as dramatically as I show in the first picture (as I said before I wanted to get a good idea of the colours so I wanted to have them all over my eye), you can do something like what I did for the finished look with this and apply a black over it, using Asylum to add a little something to what could be another plain boring smokey eye. In this case it doesn't even really look red. I just did this to try it out and show you a possibility for toning down this shade that many people might find intimidating.
A little off-topic: I know my eye-brow looks terrible in this picture, since they always end up being covered by my bangs I will sometimes forget to properly groom them.
The black I used to this was again Blackout from the UD 15th anniversary palette.
In this case, I think the Sin primer is a great choice because it brings out the already shimmery metallic nature of this loose eyeshadow. Speaking of loose: I had crazy fallout with this! it's natural because it's loose and it's a strong colour, it was easier to get on the brush, but I advise you to use a paper towel under your eye when applying it.

And so finally we come to Darling. I think it's lovely, it's the perfect shade of blue and I really can't help spreading it all over my eyes. I used it more than once and I always end up with a huge spot of blue around my eyes. It's not a really big deal since I have a long fringe anyway that sort of takes the focus away from my eyes anyway.
You also get to laugh at my ridiculous eye-brow without a tail. I shave the rest off on purpose because my natural tail grows too low and I don't like it, it makes my eyes look droopy and closes down my face. Sometimes I wonder if I should just go back to shaving the whole thing off, but I do like the little hairs there and it looks a littl more natural and flattering for me.
I don't have a picture of the complete look for this because I did it before leaving for work and ended up being late. The other eye-shadows on this are (yup, you guessed it) from the UD palette. I didn't like it though, I like wearing the blue. By the way! This Darling eye-shadow is actually like a lighter version of Deep End on the Anniversary palette. I found out because I tried to mix the two and couldn't really tell the difference.

Finally, I'd like to talk about the sample I got with my order. The colour is Goldilux, which I was really happy about because I almost bought it, but didn't because I thought it might be too similar to the Metal Powder I have from MUFE. And I was right!
Here is a picture of both: MUFE's on top and SP's on the bottom. The only difference is that Goldilux has some small glitters in it, and the Metal Powder is just a plain strong metallic pigment. There is no comparing the two, of course MUFE's is endlessly better, there is no fallout and it goes on super-smooth, whereas Goldilux has considerable fallout and needs a bit of layering for a solid colour. But of course the price difference is huge, with the Metal Powder costing almost twice as much for a smaller amount of product. But having said that, I will not be purchasing Goldilux.

Phew! That took FOREVER but I hope you find this helpful and do go buy you Sugarpill Cosmetics' shadows!


Winter Meet-up

We had a little winter Meet-up here before Christmas, it was a national meet-up so we had some girls (and boys!) who came over from other cities too.
I felt like wearing my Queen's Coach, I also chose this instead of my typical sweet style because a girl asked me if I'd be willing to model for her, and she said this was the dress she liked best. We set the date of the shoot to be the same as the date of the meet-up. It actually turned out that this girl never said anything to me around the time, and I didn't say anything myself because I wasn't enjoying her approach to begin with but decided to give her a shot anyway just to make sure I wasn't misinterpreting her, but I guess by not talking to me before the date to check up on our arrangement, she proved me right. The worst part is, that this girl is among my Facebook friends, so even if she forgot at the time, maybe by seeing the pictures on Facebook or something, she could have been reminded to talk to me and maybe say she was sorry for forgetting out appointment which was a request from her in the first place.
As much as I like having my picture taken, I don't like to run around after photographers and feeling like I'm pressuring them into anything they're not excited about. Especially if the photographer is the one who approaches me, I am obviously not going to be the one organizing everything because if you ask someone for a shoot, you should have an idea in mind. This was the first thing that set me off with this person, the fact that she came to me and when I asked what she had in mind, she said "Oh I don't know, whatever you think is best." - I tried to figure out what she wanted, I asked for a location - "I have no idea, what do you think?" - For the outfit I had to link my closet album on Facebook which she should have already bothered to look through if she wanted to do a lolita shoot... So here's a pro tip for anyone who wants to request a photoshoot (be it a model to the photographer or vice-versa): Don't ask if you have no clue about what you want.
Okaaay... So I totally went another way there. Back to the subject!
I was not happy at all with my make-up or hair for this occasion. I think my eyes don't look quite as they should, although I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong. Maybe I should have skipped the cut-crease look? I don't know, I just think I look too heavy and dark. Perhaps it's the lipstick paired with the dark eyes. I don't think it suits me at all.
You can see in this photo that I used some gold pigment to create a highlight on my lipstick, I got the idea from some runway photos from Dior in which the models had strange metallic highlights in odd areas of their faces. I didn't apply any blush, instead I just contoured my cheek bones for a more gothy look and slimmer face. In this case I think all I succeeded in doing was looking even less attractive. I am not a fan of this make-up at all as you can tell haha.

If you're wondering why my friend's face has a star over it, it's because of all the nasty people trashing her on the internet and so I am not giving them any material to keep doing it.

Overall it was great to wear lolita and hang out with my lolita friends, I didn't feel so comfortable around the new people I barely knew or some people I just don't connect with as much. Being as over-worked as I am right now makes me even less tolerant in these situations, I am really sad at this point because between work and college and health issues, I am becoming a really grumpy and moody person. I'll try to fix this by taking a make-up course and quitting this job so I can work free-lance as a make-up artist instead of this stressful demanding job where I get yelled at and threatened and generally disrespected on a regular basis for a ridiculous salary...

I do have a make-up post coming up, which I am really excited about! I am waiting to get paid so I can go ahead and buy a big brush set from Sigma, which I really recommend for their great price/quality. If you buy through this link I am providing you with bellow, you'll get a free gift with your purchase :3 yay!

Oh and I hope you all had a great Christmas! What gifts did you get and what was your favourite present? :D SHARE SHARE SHARE! I love Christmas!


Haul post (sort of)

I've decided to make a sort of lolita haul post with my purchases since about September, because I'm so happy with all of them!
What I got:

- Royal Poodle skirt in blue;
- Lyrical Bunny rucksack in pink;
- Holy Night Story majorette hat in black;
- Starry Night Theater strapless JSK in black;
- Starry Night Theater Headbow;
- Throbbing Ribbon Bangle in white;
- Pastel Ribbon trench-coat in black.

All from Angelic Pretty of course! I seem to have stopped buying things from other brands altogether. Oh well :'D
Of course I took some pictures of my own of most items. I will also proceed to writing small reviews/opinions on the items, mostly things I was surprised to find out and would have liked to know before the purchase, because it might have changed my mind one way or the other.
There isn't much to be said about the skirt, I think. It's a high-waist half-corset skirt, which is nice and gives it that more elegant look. I think it's a good skirt to attempt Hime-lolita with. At least that is my plan!
The print itself is very cute, I love the combination of soft pinks and blues, and how it's a pattern, which is good variety when compared with all the border prints in my closet. The brooch is detachable (which is why it's so often missing when people sell this skirt), and finding this skirt still with the bow played a big part in my decision to buy it. I would actually love to have the OP version of this or even the JSK, but being able to fit into lolita skirts is a lucky thing I shouldn't waste, since you can create a larger variety of coordinates and dress them up or down more easily.
The bunny is beyond adorable, I was so happy when I got him and loved all the details. As you can see, he has a little ice-cream cone! Of course the biggest down size to this bag is the space, it has very little space inside, I can maybe fit a small wallet and cell-phone in there. But I didn't buy it expecting it to be practical and super-useful. Again, I'm a sucker for the pink and blue combination, it looks adorable and it means this will match both blue and pink-based outfits. And other colours of course. I discovered I don't really have a lot of dresses that match this, since I have a couple of red or black items, which I suppose is a good excuse to go for more pink or blue dresses in the future.
Okay so on to the star of the show! This dress is wonderful and even better than I expected. The little tulle brooches it has on the waist are detachable, that was a big plus for me since those were a big turn-off for me regarding this dress. If I knew that I would have been more eager to buy it, but I think that lack of enthusiasm showed and helped me lower the price more effectively (I always try to get the sellers to go at least a little lower, I figure it's usually worth it). I was also initially planning to buy it in the blue colour-way, but since I already had that Holy Night Story hat in black, I figured this would be a perfect match (I don't really like the HNS print). I can't wait to create a really OTT outfit with this!
I really lik that it's strapless, I think it suits me very well because I have skinny arms and shoulders where you can see all the nice collar bones. I do need a black long-sleeved blouse to
wear this in the colder months though.
The trench-coat was a big surprise! As you can see in the picture, it's totally wearable without a big dress under it without looking awkward. So not only did I get a nice black lolita coat, but I also got I really gorgeous black coat for everyday wear!
The reason for this is that most of the extra fabric used to accommodate the big lolita skirts with all the petticoats and "poof", is hidden in folds on the sides of this coat, so they don't create an awkward shape when you don't have the volume underneath.
In this case, I was wearing my pink Holle Kitty pajamas underneath, because when the mail-man arrived I was in bed being a lazy bum. You can also see on of my cat's tails, because she wanted attention and I was too busy being euphorical about my new burando.

Behold the wonders of the hidden fabric!

Clearly this can accommodate even the most insane amount of volume with no problems. Angelic Pretty coats always seem to take that into consideration.
The big bow on the neck opens up in the middle to allow you to easily take the coat off and such, the bow in the middle detaches on one side of the same purpose, and the bows on the sleeves are removable. No other bows are removable or partially so, you either want a sweet bow-filled coat or you shouldn't be looking for Angelic Pretty coats at all haha.
This is warm enough for the sort of cold we have in Portugal, I already wore it around casually and it was warm enough for the 9º weather with rain and wind we're having here at the moment (I am currently in Braga and not in Porto, which is a bit colder).
This is the back of the coat. You can't see it because this isn't the best quality photograph ever, but it has "Angelic Pretty" embroided on the area between the shoulders, which is a nice detail. In my opinion, the coat itself already screams "ANGELIC PRETTY" to those of us who are at least somewhat familiar with the main brand-names.
I adore the bow on the back, it's very lush and well done, with the pearl details and the angled edges.
Here I am also showing you the full fabric versus the hidden fabric part. You can also see if you understand a little about garment construction, that this is very well done as you can easily and comfortably move your arms about without the entire coat moving together with them.
The lace on the bottom has little crowns on it which I think doesn't make much sense, but the rest of the lace used has bows which is cuter. The lace is synthetic as usual.
Angelic Pretty always seems to make everything just right for my size. I can understand that sucks for everybody else who isn't 1.60m and weights 47kg, but it's good for me nonetheless! And it's my favourite brand so it's fair, haha.

I also want to do a make-up haul, but this is already getting too long as it is, so that will happen another time!
I hope you enjoyed this!


Lazy lolita blogger!

Okay, I admit I've been neglecting my blog. But I have good reasons for it! Mainly working to afford my lolita and studying to be an educated frilly individual.
I have been investing in lolita of course, I got some new items, of which two were at the top of my wishlist for a while! So I am very happy with those purchases, which have triggered massive outfit planning~! I decided to make a sort of Angelic Pretty haul post in the near future, now that I finally found my long-lost camera cable.
It has been a while since my last Meet-Up, which was organized because we were supposed to take pictures for a newspaper interview, but the photographer didn't show up. My boyfriend accompanied me, we had some snacks at the usual french bakery with cute-looking mediocre-tasting cakes.
I wore the velveteen Milky Chan Apliqué JSK from Angelic Pretty in blue, together with Wrapping Ribbon socks, Jewel Blouse, pink wrist-cuffs and unknown head-bow. All also from Angelic Pretty. The rest, like my Hello Kitty bag and random hair clips, is off-brand.
I started stretching my septum, but I already ordered two plugs to hide it when I wear lolita, if I feel it's necessary. For now I am sticking to the plan of going up to 3mm and stopping there, but I'm already being tempted by bigger sizes. Same goes for my lobes.
Also, I'll be trying to get my nostrils pierced this week. Yay body modification! I'll be extra sparkly since the jewelry I got for my nostrils has little rhinestones. Always with the rhinestones on everything like a crazy shiny maniac whose face shall become a blinding sight at the slightest availability of light. I can see my face becoming one huge beam of light in photographs taken with flash or under direct sunlight.

So, that's all I have for you now. I'll try to update again this week about my recent purchases and so forth. Meanwhile, I leave you with a recommendation: watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, take acids, convince all your friends they're not human.


Going to the movies!

Yesterday I went to watch Final Destination 5 with my boyfriend at Marshopping,which was the only place close by where it was showing. One would think I'd have a hard time wearing lolita at the mall, but nobody made any rude remarks or anything. In fact, most people were just surprised or enjoying it.

We had dinner at the food court like a couple of teenagers who can't afford restaurants and ran around the mall waiting for MOVIE TIME.
I felt like wearing lolita so I did. At first I thought of wearing black, but then I remembered my super-gay glittery pink manicure, so I actually just matched my clothes to my nails: pink, white and off-white with lots of frills and girly-ness. I really loved this colour-combo even though it was so simple.
I decided to be casual since I was going all "lone lolita" with my boyfriend at the mall. No crazy colourful prints or huge hair with a massive bow mounted on it, instead I picked soft colours and a plain dress.
I'm wearing the Polkadot Ribbon Bolero, white Jewel Blouse with pink jabot, BtSSB's Lace Frill JSK, over the knee BtSSB lace top socks and Heart Bag in white. The headband is from Mary Magdalene, wrist cuffs are from Angelic Pretty and everything else is off-brand.
I didn't do anything to my hair, it's naturally straight like this.
This photo was taken just after my boyfriend walked out of the game store and found out they didn't have Demon Souls which he was planning to buy. "Sadface", he says. I decided to sit outside and wait while fixing my shoes and not watching as my fate was about to be shattered by a video game which would keep my boyfriend busy forever and ever and frustrated by the mystical difficulty level that Demon Souls is rumored to possess. Alas, the game was not available and Diablo 3's beta is yet to come out, so I get to watch silly cartoons with him. Yay!
I found a weird mirror wall and called him over so we could be retards about it together for a while, which we were. Once tired of acting like idiots in front of the weird mirror wall, we proceeded to walk around some more, went in to a toy store which had playing food items made to look like real food items, I was attracted by the miniature fake Nutella jar and there we proceeded to being mesmerized by the ensemble of miniature food thingies, then went on to be flabbergasted by the miniature animals, which I used to argument that cows are adorable and thus boyfriend should feel bad for eating them. My main argument in favor of why cows are cute is their big pink noses which are shiny and cute and pink. And their babies are like little mono-tone fawns.

Boyfriend as he waits in line to get change for the machines located to his left.

After the movie, boyfriend waited in line to get change for the toy machine thingies you see there to his left, they contain magical wonders such as Hello Kitty rings and other awesome prizes that I always desire t possess. Knowing this, boyfriend promptly offered his monetary powers to acquire these sparkly treasures of wonder and plastic.
Alas, the ring turned out to be the green one, which I already had from the last time we went to the movies together and he also made me an offering of plastic kitten shaped jewellery.
While he was waiting in line for coin, I acquired photographic evidence of how, during the film, I successfully accessorized my coordinate further with delicious pop-corn. Or shards of delicious pop-corn, as seen on the picture of my boobs I so carelessly decided to take in public and proceeded to publish on my lolita blog like a class-less lolita-chan. You mad, loli police?
While we waited for our ride back home, we lingered in our sadness or despair, caused by the failure to purchase Demon Souls or gather a Hello Kitty ring I didn't already have among my epic collection of trinkets. Upon closer inspection, we discovered the machine seemed to be full with green rings. THE OUTRAGE was short-lived, as I quickly came up with the solution of offering it to my green-haired best friend, who also happens to be a Hello Kitty enthusiast. Everything went better than expected? Perhaps, but I expect a different ring next time.

I only actually remembered to snap a picture of my outfit without the bolero when I got home, and since the light isn't the best, the photo isn't great either. But you get an idea, it looked cute and the jabot from the blouse really bring the pink and the white together.
Notice the glory of the kitty-castle in my room, with the kitty herself attending to her genitals in the foreground.


28th of August

I am a lazy bum and only decided to update on the last Meet-Up now. This was the "Meet up that wasn't at Rota do Chá" and I arrived two hours late because it was Sunday and I had a busy Saturday night.

I decided to try something new and bring my eye-liner a bit over the usual point at the beginning of the eye. I don't really like it so I won't be doing it again.
There is the usual sticking of sparkly things around my eyes, huge eye-lashes and circle lenses-thing going on, nothing new there.
I replaced the balls on my lower lip piercings for little pearl-like balls, I think they will work better in other colours which I will try next time.
Pink blush overload, on the cheeks and with a somewhat rounded shape, for my lips I only applied some lip balm because they're already kind of full and I don't like to make them look any fuller. I also apply foundation on the sides of my lips to make them seem smaller.

When we all got together we went to take some pictures before the sun was gone, there are tons of pictures, I look like a retard in most.
I wore the mint Milky Berry JSK from Angelic Pretty and matching OTK socks. The miniature hat is also Angelic Pretty, the Cherry Berry Mini Hat. Bloomers are from Baby the Stars Shine Bright and the wrist cuffs are also Angelic Pretty.
The other items are off-brand. The blouse was found at a regular clothing store, the accessories were bought over time, online or in stores, and the shoes are Secret Shop Angelic Pretty replicas. As much as I oppose buying replicas, shoes are my only exception because I can't bring myself to pay over 200€ for a pair of plastic shoes with a bow on them, since shoes are subject to so much more abuse than any other item. It's true that I could buy other shoes instead of opting for replicas, but taking into account the fact that it's hard to find a pair of shoes that will fit this well outside of lolita and I already invest enough in brand items to make buying a couple of replica shoes quite meaningless. Of course this is my opinion, feel free to discuss!
I used a garter belt to keep my socks up and safety pins to keep my bloomers straight and in place.
I felt my head-gear was a little unbalanced so I opted for some hair clips on the other side. The red bows matched the hat's ribbon perfectly and were very useful at keeping it from slowly sliding off my head, since the only thing the hat has to keep it on people's heads is the ribbon.
Children's sections in stores are great for finding cute hair clips, all of the clips you see here are from children's sections.
I have my lobes stretched to 16mm, it is somewhat recent and I'm still trying to decide if I want to keep them at 16mm or go over to 18mm before I start investing in prettier jewellery for them.
The next body modification projects I have are nostril piercings (one on each side), stretching my tongue piercing to about 5mm and my septum piercing to about 5mm. As much as I enjoy piercings with lolita and think my modifications are still okay, I have to agree that a 3mm septum ring might look too aggressive, so when wearing lolita I'll probably use a retainer or a set of two small rings, which I think looks really cute and was what first made me want to stretch my septum in the first place. That and the fact that I might be somewhat addicted to body modification haha

In other lolita-news: I spoiled myself with a bit of a lolita shopping-spree this months and purchased Angelic Pretty's Jewel Blouse (whitexpink short sleeve version), the Strawberry Cherry Satin Ribbon Bolero (red), the Polkadot Ribbon Bolero in white, which I also have in black, aaand the Royal Poodle Skirt in blue WITH the elusive brooch included.
Sure, I am totally broke, but I'm happy and I know I'll wear all of these items since they fit in to my closet. The Strawberry Cherry bolero is an excellent purchase since I have three dresses I can wear it with, the Polakdot Ribbon bolero is versatile and a good way to create different looks for a lot of dresses and skirts. The blouse is a basic piece and my first brand blouse, and the skirt was purchased with the money from a skirt I didn't wear and decided to sell in order to replace it with something I'd wear more often, which I am pretty sure I did.

Thanks for reading!


Loliday de Verão

Yesterday was the Summer International Lolita Day, and so the local community gathered up their frills and we all met at a café in Boavista.
My make-up is pretty much the same as always, not much to add that wasn't said before, except that I added some more black eye-shadow on the upper lid, because I can.
I'm thinking of changing things around a bit next time, maybe. Although I don't change it all the time because I finally found the style that works for my eyes and face, so I figure: Why fix it if it isn't broken?
No matter how many magazines or models or people you try to copy make-up from, it's always important to know what you're working with, don't be afraid to go with your gut and change things around when you're not feeling 100% sure. It's trial and error until you get it just the way you like it and just the way it suits you! Also, remember that often in make-up articles from Asian beauty magazines, where we see most of this exaggerated styles, there is a lot of editing and angles at work, so don't worry if you don't look as good as the models, and don't worry about trying!
I was actually planning on wearing very sweet lolita, with sax blue and pink and little ears, but when I got my manicure last week I forgot all about these plans and went ahead with a "Louboutin Manicure", so my nails were black and red on the inside of the tips.
Since the spot was the Hello Kitty café, I needed to get some sweet going, and the only sweet item I have in black is my Miracle Candy skirt by Angelic Pretty. So I went for that, and I overly accessorized like a maniac.
I'm wearing my favourite contacts, these green ones with the dark circle border, I believe this model is called bambi or sakura? It depends on the brand, but I've also ordered them in brown and I am expecting them soon. I already payed for them two months ago, I am really not giving that store a good review!
Also, I've been asked where I buy the little jewel stickers I use under my eyes. I've bought these in a craft store in Holland, and I always see them at craft stores. But obviously, they are for crafts and not for sticking on your face, so it is very important that you remove the adhesive that is on the little jewels before sticking them on your face. I have neglected to do so once or twice and when I remove them I have red bumps for a few hours on the places where they were sticking which get slightly sore, even if I only wore them for a little. So imagine wearing that all day with that adhesive!

The full look is a bit insane and I can't really define it, I'd say it's a mix between sweet, decora and punk lolita. The sweet elements being the skirt with a clearly sweet-oriented print, the shape of the skirt, the girly blouse and the bow on the head; the decora would be in the overload of bracelets and hair clips and accessories in general, and also my little Hello Kitty face back-pack which you can't see except for the straps; the punk lolita elements are the creepers, stripped socks and spike bracelet. Please not that "punk lolita" is not really about the traditional punk look or ideas, it's more based on a more mainstream view of "punk" fashion.
As you may remember from a somewhat recent coordinate with this skirt, I do have the matching Miracle Candy head-bow in black for this skirt, but I didn't wear it because this wig doesn't really suit Angelic Pretty style bows, since it doesn't accompany them with a dramatic volume on top, and I wanted to vary a little, so I used the detachable bow from the skirt as a hair accessory.

Here is a group shot, I've taken the liberty of covering everybody's faces since it's easier than asking you all for permission to slap your face on my blog, besides I don't have contact with half these individuals because I'm anti social and evil like that, and I don't magically get along with everybody just because we wear the same style of clothes once a month. Yes that was a little bit of a rant based on recent events. Haha! Please respect the fact that I might not want to have a relationship with you outside of the meet-ups instead of creating a problem about it, I am not the kind of person who is comfortable with pretending to get along with every single person ever.

Here's another group picture, again I've covered my frilly partner's visages for the reasons stated above.
This picture was taken at the Hello Kitty store/café with the bitchiest employees I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Except for the nice lady at the café, the other women working there were rude, mean and passive aggressive. They really make every aspect of being in that store very annoying, from following people around in silence and standing there with their arms crossed looking at you while you're browsing through the items, to making every single action they carry out to serve you seem like the most torturous situation they have ever been faced with. I kid you not. My credit card wasn't working when I tried to pay for an item, and I was so offended at how they acted that I didn't even bother to go through with paying with another card or cash.

Bitchery aside, the café is quite cute and pleasant and all the food and items are Hello Kitty related! I had some toast without butter since I'm a vegan, but the Hello Kitty head is hiding the horror of honey, which I had thought was jelly. I wish they mentioned that there was honey with the toast so I could say I didn't want that either. But next time I'll know!
I also think it's very cute that the toast is actually shaped like Hello Kitty's head and all the detail that was put in to preparing and serving all the food items. I can't help but wonder if that chocolate powder has powdered milk in it though - haha! I'm a bit of a paranoid vegan, but I don't say anything in these cases since it's already done and it's no big deal for such an insignificant amount of powder. At least I'm making an effort!

I also had some pomegranate and green tea juice thing, it was very good and fresh, a bit too sweet for me as usual, since I hate overly sweet drinks, especially when tea is involved. I wish there wasn't this insane need for this much sugar in every single drink, unless it's sugar-free or some sort of weird diet thing. Even worse is sweetened drinks. Why can't I just have drinks without sugar, that take away my thirst instead of making it worse on account of the sugar levels.
You can see my Hello Kitty back-pack on the table there, Lucy was eating a raspberry macaroon and we were looking through the Sanrio Catalog for the store. I kept pointing out that I had this and that, it's just another one of those moments in which I feel like I own a very serious amount of Hello Kitty merchandise. And I almost got the contact lens case I need, if it wasn't for the bitchy woman! I'd rather buy it online instead of dealing with them again.

Last but not least, detail shots of some of the accessories!


Meet Casual

So this Saturday was the casual Meet Up here in Porto, but the "casual" thing was a suggestion and not mandatory, so I kind of ignored it except for wearing a simple cardigan (or that was my argument - haha!).
I wore my lavender Sugary Carnival OP and Head-bow set, and because my fantasy was that for a special edition AP would have launched SC in yellow, I tried coordinating it with yellow details. I think the special edition in that weird midnight blue or purple shade is so off! It's the same as having launched it in royal green or deep red. The colour is too grown up and has more of a gothic/classic vibe, which can work in some AP prints, like Starry Night Theater which is gorgeous in that deep blue, or Holy Night Story in Royal Green. Those work because they aren't absolutely pastel-coloured sweet prints. But hey, I'm pretty sure if there was a special edition in yellow I wouldn't be able to get it and I would have to jump out of the nearest window.
This time I was wearing a wig which was lighter than usual, and it's very important that you eye-brows match your hair, even if it isn't your actual hair! My eye-brows are naturally dark brown, I usually lighten them to a brown-ish shade to match my hair colour, and this time, since my wig was peach, I used a salmon cosmetic pencil to draw over my own eyebrows, and the colour came out about right, a but darker than the wig (since brows are supposed to be slightly darker than the hair) but in the right shade. I used eye-lashes in a crossed style which had glitter on the top side. I also added glitter to the inner corners of my eyes, over the white eye-shadow, and the usual jewels, glued on with eye-lash glue. I opted to vary their colour in this way this time for no particular reason, just because I could. For this dramatic big-eye effect, I don't cut the eye-lashes, I stick them even past my lid and going downwards, as I believe you can see in this image if you click it and look at the full-sized version.
As for the rest of my face, I generously applied pink blush to my cheeks, particularly the part that stands out when I smile (I do this by faking and exaggerated smile while doing my make-up, which I'm sure looks hilarious).
For lips, I apply foundation around the corners and contours, because in my particular case I find them too big. After, I applied a soft pink, almost see-through strawberry flavoured lip gloss! It's important to always apply some sort of lip balm before, as well as some sort of cream on your skin (depending on the type) before applying make-up in general. It's important to take good care of your skin or else everything you put on your face will look horrible in contrast with all sorts of pimples and dryness.
Still rocking my nails with acrylic reinforcement (there is an acrylic layer over my real nails to keep them from braking and which also makes nail polish stay impeccable for over two weeks - of course by then it has roots anyway).
I chose a lavender colour to match the dress' base and because I had dark nails before and I like to alternate. I didn't wear any rings because I'm generally not a fan of rings so I seldom buy any and none of the ones I owned would match this coordinate.
It's a good idea to always carry around some hand cream, I always have my cherry scented body butter from The Body Shop with me and I use it on my hands, wrists and elbows to keep the skin nice and soft. Dry skin feels terrible and looks ugly! You can tell I am quite concerned with taking care of my skin. But back to the subject of nails! I like mine long and feminine, I really feel like I have horrible man hands if my nails are short. Unlike most people think though, I have no trouble typing or anything with longer nails. Sometimes it's harder to deal with piercings though, changing the jewllery which is so tiny can be a bit of a chore, but that's about it!

Behold! The complete outfit. One Piece dress and Head-bow set are by Angelic Pretty, as well as the wrist cuffs. The Hello Kitty accessories are from Sanrio and everything else is off-brand.
I know and admit yellow is not the most obvious or even the best colour too coordinate with this print, I also admit I felt a bit overly colourful and a bit wacky. I think the beheaded Hello Kitty bag contributes to the weird feel I get from this outfit.
In the future I'd like to find some nicer socks for this, I'm kind of bored of stripped socks all the time. I'd also be happy with some marshmallow accessories~
Also, I think after wearing this for one or two other occasions, I might put it up for trade because I'd like to have this set in Blue, or maybe even black!

For dress size reference, I am 1.60m tall and weight 46kg. So I'm a size XS or so. It's the standart AP dress size, but with measurements the "poof" should always be taken in to consideration because the poofier you want your skirts, the shorter they get. So if you're already pushing it a little with your size VS the dress' length, take that in to consideration, unless you like shorter skirts in lolita.
I personally find that it's usually not only the skirt area that suffers, but the whole cut of the dress will be in the wrong places if you are too big or too small for them. It's important to find the designs that fit you or, if possible, alter your dresses (I'll probably make a post about altering brand in the future).

As for the meet-up in itself, it was just me and three other girls, which later turned to 2 others girls and we ended up going to El Corte Ingles at the end of the day because Redtonic's husband mentioned he was going there and we just hopped in.
There we walked around and went grocery shopping, I was very happy to find some items there like sweet chili sauce and vegan cheese! I totally forgot I was wearing lolita at the super marker until a little girl came up to us and started talking, but Lucy is clearly better with children than me, I can talk to them and be around them, they usually like me and all, but I am incapable of doing "kid's talk" or anything like that. And I used to babysit!
But we did get some productive stuff done, we planned stuff for Satuday the 4th, the international Summer Loliday. I already planned out the outfit for this day. Here's a hint: it involves tiny clip-on ears!
As Redtonic said, we need to be more like the southern lolitas and have cute tea parties and some more typical lolita things! We're always being silly and going wherever we think up in the middle of the meet-ups and doing something silly. We're too cool for tea parties~