Yesterday was a long day, that involved twenty minutes of raining pouring straight on to my face while I was riding my bicycle home. This was how I looked when I got home, like a sad puppy left locked out in a rainy night.

I wasn't about to let a little rain discourage me, after a warm shower and a nutritious meal, I turned from sad wet puppy in to a presentable human being:

Yes, I should have removed the bows from the coat, as they are removable, but I am too lazy for this.

Upon arriving at the house of my photographer friend Carah Slagboom, I was summoned to the studio where these pictures were taken:
(please excuse the lack of poof and floppy hair, the coat is heavy and there was a lot of wind between this house and the other.

Photography: Carah Slagboom
Hair & Make-up: Me


  1. Gorgeous...
    You really suit Lolita, from classic to sweet :)
    Even you can make Mori work and that is one style I'm not really fond of..


  2. You look so pretty! Also lol at the rain, that used to happen to me walking home from class and its always either frustrating (if it's cold) or fun if it's rain. But if it's snow it may it is horrible.

  3. I love the outfit, you look so beautifull!

  4. Thank you all! I'm very flattered by your comments :)

  5. Acho o vestido lindíssimo mas é muito puffy na cintura para o meu gosto. Fora isso, o coordenado está impecável, em especial os sapatos.