Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals Teddy Bear

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals Teddy Bear are scheduled to be released in 2011 for the Spring/Summer collection. I can't say much about these shoes as the sheer awesomeness of their existence robs me of words, though what I can say is that, in short, it's being able to buy design pieces like this that make me feel glad I live in this age.
There's no arguing that these will not be easy to coordinate, that challenge is one I am more than willing to take and I can't wait to own these, in both colours!


Yesterday was a long day, that involved twenty minutes of raining pouring straight on to my face while I was riding my bicycle home. This was how I looked when I got home, like a sad puppy left locked out in a rainy night.

I wasn't about to let a little rain discourage me, after a warm shower and a nutritious meal, I turned from sad wet puppy in to a presentable human being:

Yes, I should have removed the bows from the coat, as they are removable, but I am too lazy for this.

Upon arriving at the house of my photographer friend Carah Slagboom, I was summoned to the studio where these pictures were taken:
(please excuse the lack of poof and floppy hair, the coat is heavy and there was a lot of wind between this house and the other.

Photography: Carah Slagboom
Hair & Make-up: Me


Ginghamcherry Comission Review

Despite owning the red skirt from the Puppet Circus series for quite a while now, I have yet to give it the use it deserves because I didn't have a hair accessory for it.
Happily, I came across one of ginghamcherry's sales post on the international sales community, and as I was quite impressed with her work, I asked her if she would make me a hair accessory for my Puppet Circus skirt.
Apesar de ter a saia da série Puppet Circus há já algum tempo, ainda não lhe dei o devido uso, especialmente porque não tinha nada parausar como acessório para o cabelo que chegasse aos pés da dita saia.
Felizmente, encontrei um post da ginghamcherry na comunidade internacional com artigos feitos por ela, e fiquei logo impressionada com os trabalhos dela. Perguntei-lhe se podia fazer-me algo para eu usar com a minha saia vermelha da série Puppet Circus.

Time(0-5): 5
The order was completed very quickly, and I was always given updates throughout the process.
Tempo (0-5): 5
A encomenda ficou completa rapidamente, e foram-me sempre dadas actualizações durante o processo.

Packaging(0-5): 5
The bow came wrapped in paper and inside a cardboard box, together with a thank you note. I find it extremely positive that the seller chose the cardboard box, as it is not the cheapest option but it is surely the best to assure the article's integrity, especially through such a long distance.
Embalagem(0-5): 5
O laço veio dentro de uma caixa de cartão muito bem embrulhado e com uma nota de agradecimento. Acho um ponto extremamente positivo a vendedora usar uma caixa de cartão para enviar o artigo, uma vez que não é a opção mais barata mas é certamente a melhor para assegurar a integridade do artigo, especialmente quando vem de tão longe.

Price(0-5): 5
The total was 26$ with shipping, the seller didn't mind lowering the price from 26 plus shipping to 26 with shipping, when I asked.
Preço(0-5): 5
O total foi 26$ com portes dos EUA. Muito acessível e a vendedora não se importou de baixar o total de 26$ mais portes para 26$ com portes, quando lhe pedi.

Communication(0-5): 5
It was always easy to communicate with the seller and she was always available to clear any doubts or make modifications.
Here you can look through the ordering process, since we ended up communicating through comments instead of e-mail.
Comunicação(0-5): 5
Foi sempre fácil comunicar com a vendedora e ela demonstrou-se sempre disponível para esclarecer duvidas ou fazer alterações.
Aqui podem ver o processo da encomenda, uma vez que acabamos por comunicar por comentários em vez de e-mail.

Quality(0-5): 5
Excellent and filled with details, it was exactly what I asked for and the materials used were of great quality.
Qualidade(0-5): 5
Excelente e cheio de detalhes, foi exactamente o que pedi e os materiais usados são de grande qualidade.

In general it was a very positive experience and I plan on ordering from this seller again in the future.
Em geral foi uma experiência muito positiva e planeio voltar a encomendar desta vendedora no futuro!