Kera Hyper Style a Go Go!

Well well well...! The date is getting closer and I just bought a plain ticket to London. I haven't booked any hotel rooms yet because I'd like to stay with someone I know, and am waiting to find out who else is going.

So, any of you planning on attending?

I applied for the model contest too, but no word on that yet. I don't know if I have a shot though because they were accepting applications from all over the world and only 6 girls will be selected, but it's nice to dream...


  1. Eu gostava de ir, mas não tenho possibilidades (€€€) neste momento.
    Diverte-te por mim =))

  2. you'd be perfect as model you're really cute, good luck in your trip and the contest :)

  3. Ola Kat! Pois, compreendo a tua situacao. Tamb'em j'a tive de deicar passar muitos eventos por esse motivo mas o concurso para modelo motivou-me, e agora tinha de comprar o bilhete porque ia ser muito triste se por algum acaso me escolhessem e j'a nao tivesse voos.

    Myobi, thank you so much for your wishes!

  4. Você é linda e cute! Tenho certeza que vai ganhar o concurso!!! Te envio muito apoio!!!

  5. I'm so excited for the event! I just bought my tickets today :)
    Good Luck with the model contest xx

  6. Good luck with the model contest ^^