Summer Darkness Mfashion

As usual, detail shots of my make-up.

Photography by Ed Rowendal

The show went well and there were a lot of people watching, I felt really comfortable on stage though my bloomers gave me a bit of trouble.

Photography by Ed Rowendal

Photography by Ed Rowendal

Photography by Berlinda Van Dam

Photography by Rob Hoo

Photography by Rob Hoo

I got to the place early and got ready there, before and after the show a lot of photographers (and random people) asked to take pictures (or just took pictures without asking).
I don't have a video of the fashion show yet but I'm guessing it will be provided eventually.

I would like to dedicate this entry to my dear friend Maya who passed away last evening.
She never got a chance to see these pictures although she was really looking forward to it.
Thank you Maya for being such a great friend and wonderful person, I will miss and remember you always, and our times together that, although short, were always fun and pleasant.

I apologize for the lack of enthusiasm or descriptiveness of this entry, but I don't feel like saying much at this time.


  1. My condolence for your friend..
    It's always sad when you lose someone who is very dear to you..

    Also, I would like to say that you looked sweet and adorable at the fashionshow.

  2. Oh God. Ela era tão novinha :/

    Estás lindíssima como sempre. A melhor swet lolita portuguesa ^^


  3. sooo cute! It was about time;) *Susana*

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your friend :/