Prom in gothic lolita

This was my first real attempt at gothic lolita. I was fun, but I preffer sweet lolita.

The make-up was so much fun to do!
I got cool reactions, and I enjoyed doing something different, though I didn't have a proper a-line petticoat for this dress, so it wasn't looking great. I'm not going to invest in more stuff atm because I'm moving so soon and it would only be more trouble, more stuff to pack.


  1. hi there!
    i remmember you back from when you where xxbulimiaxx. You had wonderful photos, i used to check out your pics all the time.
    You look so much different now, happier i guess.

    see ya*

  2. Hi Rita!
    I still have the livejournal under that username, but it's only with two x's
    I'm happy to know you enjoyed my photos, I hope you still do even though they're different :)

    Thanks xx

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous in Gothic, the make-up is perfect and I really love the retro feeling there is to this outfit =)

  4. Thank you! I'm happy you like this :)