Mom's store opening in lolita!

"Maria Augusta"
Rua Padre Himalaia nº110, perto da lavandaria!

I know, this cutsew looks terrible on me! :(

After the meet up, I went to the opening of my mother's store/salon(nails, hands, feet care, etc). I'm really happy for her, she always had problems with her bosses or colleagues because everyone is usually really young compared to her and it's hard to deal with such a big age gap.

Also, I found this cool picture in the portuguese lolita community poto album:

Phew! That was it for my weekend. ;D


  1. Muita boa sorte e muito trabalho para a tua mãe :D

  2. Obrigada! E boa sorte para o trabalho da tua mãe também ;D estão as duas a começar negocio por conta própria, não é? haha